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The 4 R's: Re-releases, Remasters, Remakes and Reboots

The gaming industry is one of many that use the deep-rooted nostalgia of consumers to resell them something tied to their own fond memories of times past, or at the very least sell to people who missed out on something special the first time around. The various forms of these releases and how closely they resemble the original title that inspired them has been a constant source of confusion and frustration among gamers for a few decades now.We’ve discussed this topic once before in an article, but as OP recruit numerous aspiring writers and journalists, opinions don’t always line up. This


The Difference Between Remakes, Remasters and HD Releases.

When ever a classic game gets a new version announced there's always a lot of confusion regarding what to call them, advertisers like to say one thing, developers call their projects another and players sometimes don't care sometimes just don't know which would be the correct nomenclature and different players also have different perspectives over what to call them and how many of them there are, and all of it leaves the gaming world with a lot of misinformation or inaccuracy.So in order to share my interpretation and go into detail on what makes each release type different than the other,

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