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Best Video Game Experiences in 2017

No. No. No I refuse.I stood by for far too long watching some of the most ludicrous awards give nominations to the weirdest games while other games went unnoticed, I stood by as Hollywood descended into bat shit insanity levels of Oscar Nomination and watched Dice and Golden Joystick award some at-best-questionable and at-worst-hilarious titles.No more.Here are my 2017 Best Video Game Experiences.Best Storytelling.PreyDivinity Original Sin IIShovel Knight: Specter of TormentRunner Up: PreyPrey was surprisingly awesome, the atmosphere alone presents an insanely thick universe for the player to live in, while the story is simple, the game provides a lot of


Coming Soon 10/2017

The tenth month is not really buffed up with titles, but it brings us some of the most interesting games of this gaming year.The wave of virtual entertainment that started last month continues in the next thirty days. There are even several games that could represent candidates for the game of the year, and there will also be several potential hits in their genres. What we expect in October is written below, I hope you will find something to go bankrupt for.PC GAMES03. 10. Forza Motorsport 7 03. 10. Battle Chasers: Nightwar 04. 10. EMPYRE: Lords of the Sea Gates 04.


Our Time at EGX 2017

So here we are again, writing another article about another EGX event. Two members of the OP team went to EGX in 2017, and we have both individually written reviews of the event.Lewis When we arrived at the event, one of the first things that struck me was the lack of creativity in the art being used. I didn't feel hugely excited to be there, apart from the huge amount of people attending, I didn't feel like I was arriving at anything special. I remember in the early days of Eurogamer, I used to feel like I was attending something out of


Coming Soon 09/2017

We survived the heat and summer games drought, and I guess we will endure this autumn. Fortunately for every gamer, the ninth month opens the hunting season for some of the most anticipated games this year.Do you smell the autumn? Neither do I - video games still do not offer an olfactory experience. But in autumn, we feel the stampede of games. Six sports simulations arrive this month, and we can add to them the seventh, racing game Project CARS 2.This month will be special for exclusive games - PC platform counts significant Divinity: Original Sin II and Total War: WARHAMMER


What interesting games are coming out 08/2017

Suprisingly rich month of August can brag about the greatest number of original games in 2017. We hope some of them will get the attention they deserve.The heat wave is coming, save yourself! But apart from the heat wave there's also a big wave of games arriving, it's a bit unusual for this time of the year. Numerous indie titles such as Tacoma, Observer, Absolver, The Escapists 2 and Nidhogg 2 will get their five minutes of fame in the market before autumn falls. Some games will finally leave Early Access like The Long Dark, Ark: Survival Evolved and Hello Neighbor.In

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