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Snake's News - The Gamescom Report!

Gamescom info, gamescom trailers, gamescom news! All things gamescom, come here and grab your share!OVERWATCH SEASON 2 CHANGES! + NEW MAPLoads of changes. Skill levels raise from 1-100 to 1-5000 scale, golden guns 10 times more expensive and other changes! Watch the trailer for more, i don't have time to go into detail with every little thing, THERE'S JUST SO MUCH SHIT! And a new map.THE SURGE - CYBER DARK SOULS TRAILER14 minutes of trailer goodness.NINE PARCHMENTS - MORE MAGICKA FROM... TRINE DEVSNot exactly Magicka, but still Magicka, coming in 2017.RECORE - GAMEPLAYBest Keiji Inafune game since Mighty No. 9.HITMAN: EPISODE


Snake's News - Anime, Swearing, and Ghostbusters Treatment

Well, today it's raining. Mood goes to shit, weather goes to shit...but not news, oh, not news.PROFESSOR LAYTON GETS A GHOSTBUSTERS TREATMENTAnother thing that goes Rule 63 a.k.a. female Ghostbusters way. This time it's new Professor Layton game - Lady Layton: The Conspiracy of King Millionaire Ariadne. We'll take place of his daughter - Catriel. Game's gonna come out in Japan sometime in spring for 3DS and iOS. Is she going to conquer the nerds and "brainy people" or is she going to be hated like Feminibusters?WATCH_DOGS 2 - MEET DEM BOISAre you ready to see numerous shitty pop culture references

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