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The History of Blizzard & How Their Games Began

Blizzard Entertainment was founded on February 8th 1991, known then as Silicon & SynapseDuring the first two years, the company focused on creating Windows and Amiga ports of games for other studios. Their ports included titles such as The Lord of the Rings and Battle Chess II. Before becoming the Blizzard Entertainment we know and love today, they developed and released three original games, RPM Racing, The Lost Vikings and Rock n' Roll Racing, with their then publisher, Interplay Productions.In 1994, Silicon & Synapse were acquired by distributor Davidson & Associates for 6.75 million dollars. Followed by a brief name change


The Trap of Lastability

Every gamer wants games to never end, trust me developers want you to play games for ever as well, but different games can vary in playtime wildly from 4 or 9 hours in a story or atmospheric game such as Wolfenstein 2 or Dishonored to 60 or 700 or nearly Infinite with games like Divinity 2 and Payday 2 and Overwatch. With such a huge difference it's sometimes easy to see how games go about their replayability and the length of their games, and while some games do not need any replay value other games have difficulty finding ways to elongate


Overwatch free for a limited time

In addition to being disappointed with the Overwatch toxic community, Blizzard is obviously not happy with the total number of players and will be offering their game for free, for a limited time.Overwatch has been played by more than 30 million players this year, but Blizzard does not plan to stand in that number. Their game will again be offered to try out, so we will be able to play Overwatch for free next weekend.The free Overwatch weekend will start on 22 September at 8 PM CEST and will last until 26 September at 6 AM. Almost all content will be


The terrible side of localization that not many know about

Localization sounds like a cool concept right? It allows for players all over the world to have access to a game or a media even if they don't know the language. Games become available with over a dozen languages and tend to employ hundreds of people to localize their text and dialog, it's pretty awesome.But by now if I am saying it's awesome you should know there's a much darker and annoying side to it all. While localization is a cool concept, today I want to talk about how it's implementation tends to be invasive and discriminating.This is an issue that


How Game Design Can Be Your Friend

From Dark Souls to Ninja Gaiden, from Overwatch to Rocket League, from Shovel Knight to Super Mario. Every game has it's traps, it's secrets, difficulties and intuitive aspects.What makes a game "Well Designed"? How is Game Design responsible for a game being Difficult or Easy? What causes players to stonewall for hours against a boss, or defeat an area on their first run?I believe the best way to put it simply is to describe Game Design as 2 opposing forces. One side is always trying to challenge the player, while the other always trying to help the player. Let's take a

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