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Par for the Dungeon Review

Par for the Dungeon is a cartoony miniature golf puzzle game with a dungeon-delving theme. Developed by Sleeping Giant Games, it was released on PC through Steam on October 17, 2023, with a staggered release on mobile devices.In Par for the Dungeon, you play as an anthropomorphic golf ball with a beloved pet dog that has a penchant for getting dog-napped. In order to rescue your dog, you must propel yourself through nine three-hole courses to reach the end of the dungeon, where your dog awaits trapped in a cage. With four worlds available to play, the game has a total


Empty Shell Review

Empty Shell is a survival horror roguelike with a strong emphasis on a full black and white art style, as if the player was watching the action unfold through a satellite view from a bygone age. This unusual approach is both its greatest strength and its biggest shortcoming as it deeply sets the mood, but also makes it harder to distinguish enemy types, ultimately affecting gameplay as a whole.The ExpendablesThe story is an interesting one, with a hint of Squid Game if we want to look at it from a certain “disposable people” perspective. There’s an abandoned facility on a Japanese

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