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The Descent Review

Not to be confused with the acclaimed horror movie released in 2005, The Descent is a trip down a mysterious mine riddled with death, disappearances, and other occurrences that the authorities can’t quite grasp. As an investigator, you go down the mine and try to reach the literal bottom of the mystery in this walking horror sim, a decent attempt at the genre but one that has the quirky habit of throwing scares at you to make sure that you didn’t fall asleep in the meantime. It’s extremely slow-paced, rigid in design, and gets tiresome before its short narrative is over.A


Micegard Review

Micegard is a short adventure game in which you control a mouse, or multiple mice, to save their village from the frogs. Sounds like a fever dream, but the game surprised me with how straight forward it was. And by the way, when I say it's short, I mean really short - it took me 100 minutes to do everything in the game, so you're not really buying a game to grind or play long term. It's a short story you can complete in one sitting, and there's nothing wrong with that.The gameplay is simple, but effective enough so it doesn't


Soul Tolerance: Prologue Review

Soul Tolerance ReviewDeveloper and Publisher - Chaosmonger Studio(Note: This is the Prologue version)In a world where artificial intelligence is all that remains, be a robo-detective, and investigate a mind-bending case.Explore a futuristic Japan brought to life in detailed voxel art, and uncover philosophical lore through tons of characters. Become AI and dive into the mystery of consciousness.The developer behind "Three Minutes to Eight" and based in Estonia, they bring you their latest game "Soul Tolerance"Humans have long been extinct, for around 150 years! But that does not repel the fact that AI is any better in this world either.War, oppression, and worker rights are


The Invincible Review

Not everything everywhere is for us. This is the main motto of the game The Invincible by Starward Industries, based on a science fiction novel by Stanisław Lem. The game sets you in the shoes of Dr. Yasna, who wakes up on a deserted planet with no way to contact others and has to figure out what happened to herself, her colleagues and who are the real friends and foes in this mystery.Dr. Yasna is an astrobiologist, a member of a team of scientists who were returning home from a long mission in space. On their way, they made a stop


Playtown Review

Playgrounds can be so much fun, but Playtown isn’t for the faint of heart. A horror game set within an abandoned dinosaur-themed place, lovable Barney is nowhere to be found in this adventure, but there’s an evil twin of sorts roaming about. Stepping into the shoes of a caring father, you decide to return to this place in search of your daughter’s necklace, the one that she got from her deceased mother. The atmosphere is promising, but a notorious lack of direction and scares coupled with some very doubtful design decisions make this extremely short journey forgettable, and not as fun

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