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Bendy and the Dark Revival Review

Games featuring weird characters seemingly created for the umpteenth redundant creepypasta don’t have any right to be as good as Bendy and the Dark Revival proves to be. The follow-up to the unexpected hit Bendy and the Ink Machine, which gained traction online thanks to the countless streamers who have pushed other names such as Slenderman and Amnesia to fame, Bendy truly deserves the recognition.Despite bordering on copyright infringement with characters who resemble everything Disney and other animation studios, from Mickey Mouse to Goofy and even Betty Boop, this is nonetheless an incredibly detailed and clever creation, with lore aplenty and


Fort Solis Review

Videogames as movies, movies as videogames. Crossovers between these two powerful mediums are frequent, with varying degrees of success. Fort Solis is one of the latest attempts at conveying a thrilling story with interaction possibilities, but along the way it somewhat forgets that it should be a game with some compelling mechanics to go along. In terms of atmosphere and setting, it’s an accomplishment, but the other half, the one that gets you to push buttons and affect the gameplay, is sadly lacking.Moon WalkerThe story may not win any awards for originality, but it’s realized in a very competent and engaging



At first glance, Dredge by Black Salt Games seems like a relaxing game full of fishing mini-games. But not everything is as it seems and leaving the safe harbor can quickly lead to encounters with horrors hiding in the depths. And once you submerge into the ominous atmosphere of the Dredge, you can’t hide from it even on land. You are surrounded by dark secrets and your only way out is to hope that your nets catch something, that will help you survive the madness.You start the game as a fisherman who crashes his ship near an island called Greater Marrow.


Wandersong Game Review

Searching for a Stress Reliever?Some days, all you crave after a hard day of work is a relaxing game where you can sing, dance, and use your musical abilities to defend a cozy little village from the ghosts that haunt the villagers’ houses. If this sounds delightful, then I offer Wandersong for your consideration. I tried this short, charming game looking for something unique, hoping it would satisfy that craving of something a bit more relaxing than my default genre. Here, I’ll share my initial impressions of the first part of my journey as the humble bard trying to save the


Scars Above Review

Platform: Pc, PS4, Ps5, Xbox One, Xbox X/SDeveloper: Mad Head GamesAre they friends or foes? That's for you to uncover in this enigmatic, narrative-driven world of extraterrestrial beings.What Does Scars Above Entail?Experience a thrilling third-person action-adventure shooter game set in a challenging world. Solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and uncover the captivating story behind this mysterious alien universe.In Earth's orbit, a massive extraterrestrial structure emerges and is dubbed "the metahedron" by humanity. To investigate this phenomenon, the Sentient Contact Assessment and Response Team (SCAR) - made up of scientists and engineers - is dispatched to investigate.Despite appearances, things are not always what

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