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Transmogrify Review

Monsters are running rampant through the lab and you as a janitor are only armed with a mop… and a transmogrify gun that turns monsters into puzzle solutions. Transmogrify is a sci-fi puzzle platformer by Odyssey Entertainment, where you transform alien creatures into platforms and other useful tools that will allow you to escape the infested facility.One small puzzle for a slime...The transmogrify gun is rather a device than a weapon. You cannot kill the monsters, only transform them into an object for a limited time. In the first few levels, there will be mostly slimes that transform into a cube,


Clunky Hero Review

Platform: Switch, PC, Xbox, PlaystationDevelopers: Chaosmonger StudioIn a far, far...away place lived a husband and his not-so-beautiful wife... Anyways there is more to this story, but you'll have to play for yourself, you lazy toads. But first, let me help you decide whether this story is worth its coin, money... or whatever currency.What does Clunky Hero entail?A peasant named Rufus, was living an ordinary life with his wife, Brunilde, who wasn't exactly much of a looker but was boisterously smart and funny. One day, they awakened to the evil one spreading his minions throughout the town. Brunilde was kidnapped by the


The Tarnishing of Juxtia Review

With The Tarnishing of Juxtia, developer Actual Nerds and publisher Mastiff aim to deliver the definitive Dark Souls of 2D platformers, a Metroidvania that will test both your skills and nerves. It’s a hauntingly beautiful pixel-art platformer where each fight is a challenge, each enemy a potential nemesis that requires careful planning and impeccable timing to eliminate. Sadly, its great ambitions fall short due to a flaw that makes it all a tad too frustrating.Darkest SoulsThe story touches upon the traditional grim tale of a corrupting evil force and how you must help a Goddess battle this Tarnishing. Although there are

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