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Genopanic Review

Metroidvanias have always been a genre that gave birth to a lot of indie hits, I've enjoyed my fair share of them but some were too much of a slog to go through as you usually hit that progression wall where the difficulty spikes so much you just give up and jump to the next game. Thankfully Genopanic is the good kind, where every time you die, you know that it was your fault and that you can pass the puzzle/boss/room if you're just a little bit more careful.One thing that you immediately see when you start playing is the fluidity


Anomaly Agent Review

I am going to keep this review short and sweet - just like Anomaly Agent is, and say that this is probably one of the best indie games I've ever played. Every system in this game seems simple but has certain depth to it and the story is unique enough that it keeps you hooked throughout the four-five hour campaign.The start it simple, you're an agent tasked to get rid of some time anomalies that popped on in some places, but later on the story goes bonkers and at the end of the game you're presented with a choice that changes


Super Retro BoxBot Review

Super Retro BoxBot ReviewDeveloper - Joseph Holliday, Publisher - Doc Holliday Games LLC1990s-style puzzle gameplay inspired by the DOS classics Block-man and Loader Larry. Super Retro BoxBot is sure to entertain and challenge you through its hand-crafted levels! You can also create your very own challenges with the included level editor! Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test!Super Retro BoxBots is a charming, 2D side-scrolling puzzle adventure, where you are the main robot hunting for keys to escape each level.Featuring a whopping 66 intricate levels, mixing 50 main levels and 16 collectable bonus levels, you can be sure that your brain will feel challenged.The


Kingdom Shell Review

Kingdom Shell is a 2D platformer with pixelated graphics created by the aptly named Cup of Pixels, a solo indie developer in Türkiye.The magical barrier protecting the realm, the "kingdom shell," has been destroyed, allowing a flood of demons in from the outside. Elias, a half-breed with the blood of those same demons flowing through his veins, has been summoned from his imprisonment to help save the kingdom with the offer of freedom as his reward. As Elias, you journey through the land, fighting demons and learning about the kingdom's inhabitants, including information about your own past.The game is spent exploring


Transmogrify Review

Monsters are running rampant through the lab and you as a janitor are only armed with a mop… and a transmogrify gun that turns monsters into puzzle solutions. Transmogrify is a sci-fi puzzle platformer by Odyssey Entertainment, where you transform alien creatures into platforms and other useful tools that will allow you to escape the infested facility.One small puzzle for a slime...The transmogrify gun is rather a device than a weapon. You cannot kill the monsters, only transform them into an object for a limited time. In the first few levels, there will be mostly slimes that transform into a cube,

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