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Four Improvements To GTA VI That Could Leave Fans Feeling Flush

September 18th saw a shockwave run through the gaming world. While rumors have been rife for years – at this point, it's almost ten years since GTA V first hit our screens in September 2013 – leaked footage confirmed that development was indeed underway on Grand Theft Auto VI. It very much looks the case that Rockstar will be taking us back to Vice City - based heavily on Miami - that hosted the misadventures of Tommy Vercetti two decades back.The earliest speculation surrounding the game was way back in 2018, when it was claimed that a working title of Project


The History of Rockstar & How Their Games Began

We all know the Rockstar name, logo and the various larger than life video games they’ve brought to us over the years, but with such a long, deep and in some places, complicated history – how many of you know how it all began and how it became it be?Rockstar, the publisher behind the studios that brought us titles in series such as Grand Theft Auto, Midnight Club, Max Payne, Manhunt, Red Dead, Bully and L.A. Noire (many of which were born from once independent development teams) – has a rich history, and we’re here to tell it the best we


Rhyfel's Comprehensive List of Life Changing Games

Don't worry this is not the typical "Top 100" list. Think of it more like a suggestion list of awesome games more than anything, this is a list of some of the games I have played over the many years, which I believe are detrimental to a thorough experience of what gaming truly has to offer. It includes titles from nearly every genre that have all provided gamers with unique experiences unparalleled at the time or since.These are not all the games I played, these are not all the necessary games either as I am sure I missed plenty. But these


The terrible side of localization that not many know about

Localization sounds like a cool concept right? It allows for players all over the world to have access to a game or a media even if they don't know the language. Games become available with over a dozen languages and tend to employ hundreds of people to localize their text and dialog, it's pretty awesome.But by now if I am saying it's awesome you should know there's a much darker and annoying side to it all. While localization is a cool concept, today I want to talk about how it's implementation tends to be invasive and discriminating.This is an issue that


Grand Theft Auto V and Elex

VROOOOOOOOM!!!The latest update brings the biker gangs back to the streets! A very own Lost MC for everyone who is able to purchase a clubhouse.Is that the update GTA needed in so long?Clear answer: YES!Updates in form of DLCs/Addons are actually a way to keep games alive, and so GTA as well.The last two expansions failed greatly and didn’t motivate enough players to come back to Los Santos.Now with the option to have a very own bike chapter, changes in the president system (equivalent to CEO/VIP) and more bikes, chances are high that there are more bikes than ever before rolling down

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