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Fictorum Review!

Developer: Scraping Bottom Games.Publisher: Scraping Bottom Games.Half built house.What is Fictorum? Fictorum is a game of you being a wizard harry and destroying everything and everyone in your path and lots of replayability as it’s a node-based game.Some options in the story you can choose.The Story: Fictorum story is an always-changing story as you the wizard who is all about getting revenge but and destroying a empire on his own the story changes as you move along allowing you to branch off into multiple paths of helping someone or not and just going to the end to escape from the inquisitors that

Wrecked Crash Simulator Review

Developer & Publisher: TAS SystemsDestruction!What is Wrecked Destruction Simulator? If you like causing crashes and planning them out then this is the game for you.Scene selection!The Story: There is not story for this game just make your own car crash simulation and watch the flames.The Graphics on Ultra!What is Wrecked Destruction Simulator but more in depth? Wrecked Destruction Simulator is a game that allows you to make the accidents how you want them to happen like on a motor way or on a casual road and gives you the tools to do that.Vehicles selection!The Mechanics: The mechanics of Wrecked Destruction Simulator is to