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Fictorum Review

Developer: Scraping Bottom Games.

Publisher: Scraping Bottom Games.

What is Fictorum? Fictorum is a game of you being a wizard harry and destroying everything and everyone in your path and lots of replayability as it’s a node-based game.

Half built house.

Fictorum Graphics: Fictorum graphics are not the best but they do help with building the world, like the terrain in fictorum is basic terrain which does not help give the game a unique/intresting look to it and make it stand out from other games. There are some things it does right but with better graphics i think the game could be a lot better as lot of negatives are the graphics but with some improvement either with adding shaders or just somthing diffrent like diffrent 3D models to make it stand out it would make it a lot more enjoyable to destory houses and improve the game overall. 

Some options in the story you can choose.

The Story: Fictorum story is an always-changing story as you the wizard who is all about getting revenge but and destroying a empire on his own the story changes as you move along allowing you to branch off into multiple paths of helping someone or not and just going to the end to escape from the inquisitors that try and catch you.

Destroying a fort cause you can!

What Fictorum but more in-depth? Fictorum is a heavily focused 3/1st person action-adventure game of destroying everything you can while getting new armour and spells to help you destroy everything even quicker.

Customizing character!

The Mechanics: The mechanics of Fictorum are very easy to get the hang off, in the game you can choose what kind of class you want to be each class has their own abilities like father Christmas can throw presents at the enemy and summon Christmas trees at will, you have a mana bar which shows you how much you have left and regenerates over time, Lots of spells to choose from like frost that can freeze your enemy’s or set your foes on fire, the health system is great as any damage is taken is kept unless you find a potion, rest or buy health from the shops along the way. Fictorum offers a lot of destruction don’t like a certain house or a bridge give you the evils? Then you can blow it up at will. 

With the ever-changing story, there is quite a bit of replayability the game can offer with the different classes. You can even charge your spells giving them extra damage, go further or even multiply them but means using more mana. There are towers that stop you advancing and as you go into a new village you have to go and destroy them so you get out of there and go to another town and do the same, sometimes you can make Dust which is the currency buy finding it or protecting a village as bandits attack you can spend it in stores on whatever you want like spells or amour even full health if needed.  

Destroying a house.


  • Controller support.

  • Achievements.

  • Smooth Gameplay.

  • Good destruction action.

  • Lots of replayability.

  • Lots of spells to learn.

  • Can be a lot of fun when destroying stuff.


  • Music is not the best.

  • Story is a bit meh.

  • Maps can be a bit boring and empty.

  • Short game time.

  • Few bugs(Nothing game breaking)

  • Graphics are little outdated.


Fictorum is a very fun game if you love destroying stuff building and that but other than that there is not much the game can offer but for the short time you play the game it is very fun I would recommend buying this on sale as there are a few bugs but the devs are doing a good job of fixing them but if you want to destroy a lot of stuff and experience it yourself then I would recommend you give it a go, so if this interest you then check it on -> Steam.

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