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GemCraft - Frostborn Wrath Review

What is to GemCraft - Frostborn Wrath? Do you like TD(Tower defence) games? Do you like watching monster turn to blood? Do you like gems shooting acid?Just getting started!The Story: There isn’t much of a story, you are a wizard who’s been locked in a frozen prison and you must regain your knowledge of wizardry. Making my self stronger What is GemCraft - Frostborn Wrath but more in depth? GemCraft is a tower defence game where you craft gems to fight monsters and you can combine gems into each other giving them 2 effects but with a debuff or combine to upgrade your

BDSM: Big Drunk Satanic Massacre Review

What is BDSM(Big Drunk satanic massacre)? Do you like dark jokes? is your kink BDSM? Do you like killing cartman? Then this could be the game for you?Sea of fartsThe Story: BDSM story is a pretty standard day for demons getting to drunk and getting kicked out of a bar and going out and killing stuff while drinking and getting the babes.Lots of death!What BDSM but more in depth BDSM is a top down shooter with multiple guns and lots of gore and nudity plus bosses.Some of the upgrades you can get!The Graphics of BDSM: The graphics are 3D and nothing interesting/unique

Demon Pit Review

What is Demon Pit? Do you like retro shooters like doom, quake and blood? Do you like to fight in an arena? Do you like to see blood fly?Just starting the wave!The Story: Demon Pit does not have a story unless killing enemies is a story.Feel like spiderman!What Demon Pit but more in depth? Demon Pit is a classic fps shooter that takes it style from retro games like doom and blood where fast movement and quick shooting takes place as you run around an arena that’s always changing so you have to adapt to the new surroundings.About start the pain trainThe

Devils Hunt Review

Developer: Layopi GamesPublisher:  1C EntertainmentWhat is Devils Hunt? Do you like hack/slash? do you like feeling powerful? Then you might like Devils Hunt.Just a dream!The Story: Devils Hunt story is about Desmond who is a big shot in his eyes, has everything he could ever want till he loses his big match and comes home finds his wife cheating on him or was she? After seeing this Desmond can’t take it and drives off the edge, after being saved by lucifer he offered a deal as he is the saviour and destroyer, so he makes a pact with Lucifer and does

Fictorum Review

Developer: Scraping Bottom Games.Publisher: Scraping Bottom Games.What is Fictorum? Fictorum is a game of you being a wizard harry and destroying everything and everyone in your path and lots of replayability as it’s a node-based game.Half built house.Fictorum Graphics: Fictorum graphics are not the best but they do help with building the world, like the terrain in fictorum is basic terrain which does not help give the game a unique/intresting look to it and make it stand out from other games. There are some things it does right but with better graphics i think the game could be a lot better as

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