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My Dream Review

Few words about the gameMyDream is a game based on an amazing idea of forming and exploring your world however you want to. You're able to create your own world or join any world created by other players and, well, build anything you want to. To be fair, there's still a long way to go before it will be finished and polished, but in the first 5 minutes of gameplay, you can clearly see the potential and how big this game might get in the near future.AdvantagesGameplay is smooth and visibly optimized even for lower machinesMusic and ambient sounds is well-madeGraphics


Air Missions: HIND Review

Few words about the gameAir Missions: HIND is an amazing combat flight simulator, where you're being deployed into various battlefields to accomplish the commanded missions. I may have no experience with this kind of games as I played only one combat simulator before, but I easily recognize a good game when I play one and this is definitely one of those.AdvantagesGraphics are not breathtaking, but still very nicely done, and the models are pretty realisticBig variety of weapons to customize your helicopterDiversity of missions and surrounding makes it very interesting to play and quite hard to get bored withSounds are realistic


No Time To Explain Review

Few words about the gameNo Time To Explain is an amazingly fun platformer game, where you pass levels using the laser cannon or few other tools, fight alien crabs or mecha-pterodactyls or dance off a cake. After this kind of description of a game, I really have no clue what you're waiting for, there's no time to explain, it's just perfect!Advantages- Totally random and stupid humour - I love every bit of it- Ton of fun, non-repetitive levels to pass through- Collectives are everywhere, but it's challenging to get some of them- Music and voice acting are awesome- Local co-op- Game


The Land of Eyas Review

Few words about the gameThis game is a cute, little platforming game made by an Indie developer called Happy Square Productions. Your goal is to recover lost memories of a... boy in a catsuit. Yeah, you've read that right. Recover parts of your memory as you go through a bunch of mind-stretching levels, where each of them have a twist - there are two gravities! Make new friends and enemies among met creatures, uncover the story that goes along and, if you feel up to the challenge, speed run your way through the puzzles!AdvantagesCute graphics and design of the characterAnimations are


Neon Chrome Review

Few words about the gameNeon Chrome is an addicting top-down shooter with rouge-like gameplay, placed in a cyberpunk, colourful world. Since the very beginning of a game, players are greeted by an awesome soundtrack that will introduce you to the pace of the game. At first, the gameplay might look a bit chaotic and maybe even overwhelming, but once you'll get used to it, oh boy - the only thing you'll want to do is spread even more chaos, blast enemies through walls with customized guns or your cybernetic abilities! Or who knows, maybe you'll decide for a sneakier, yet as

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