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Astro Duel Review

Few words about the game

Astro Duel is something that everyone among the gaming community loves to see - new ideas created from something we know. I'm literally amazed about how people can create something innovative, even basing on a game like Asteroids. The game itself is awesome. I had to try it out against bots first, and it was quite fun. Then I played it against my gf, and she said that it was one of her best times we had together. Well then... ANYWAY, let's get to reviewing.


  • Game offers you a bunch of different arenas to play on, 3 match types and possibility to set your own few rules, so there is no way for you to get bored quickly
  • Nice, classic sounds. Brings back some good memories from childhood
  • Game was created to play with friends. And it worked out perfectly
  • Controls and steering is easy and nicely laid out


As I couldn't think of any disadvantages, I'll simply move right to summary. Well, the game crashed on me 3 times in about 2.5h gameplay, but for unknown reasons, so I skipped that. The game provides with hours of engaging fun, even if you're playing alone, it still can be great against bots. Hope it will get some updates to expand its possibilities, as there is a lot of room to create new content. I also hope that one day I'll get to try it with 3 other people, it must be a crazy mess! So hesitate no more, just buy it, have fun and don't rage-quit too quickly!
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