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Botology Review

Few words about the game

Botology is a game where... I'm not even sure what's going on as it's explained with twisted and badly translated English. The intro tries to explain bits of backstory, but it's hard to catch up even there. When you get into a proper game finally, you just go forward, without any clear instructions, just walk and hope you'll get somewhere. Once you get a gun and some kind of objective... oh boy, that's where the fun begins. By fun, I mean grind at every corner. Literally. One of the most repetitive games I have seen in a while.


  • Graphics here and there, but only partially
  • The music in main menu. Hey, it's something!


  • Everything is translated into weird, broken English. It's hard to even partially understand what's going on and what you're supposed to do
  • Controls are weird and not really understandable thanks to translation that explains everything in default controls
  • There is no voicing, everything is "voiced" by some speech synthesizer. There's also no language used, just gibberish with random words used here and there
  • Gameplay is repetitive, all you have to do is kill enemies and unlock different types of locks, over and over again
  • Tutorial teaches us nothing and even if it does, it does it really unclearly
  • Animations and mechanics are comparable to game made in the '00s
  • Full of bugs everywhere (I fell through textures, died while touching the wall, walked on water e.t.c.)


The game is not worth time or money spent on it. Even achievements are easy to get but to 100% complete them, you need to pass the whole game, good luck with that. Game is very below average, totally not recommended. Although, last time I saw it discounted, it was £0.39 on Steam, so you know, it does have card drops and achievements for you farmers out there.
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