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Ad Infernum Review

Waking up within the mysterious confines of what simply seems like a stranded desert gas station, you must use your brains, brawn, and finesse to make it long enough to find enough answers to help you escape. Unsure of what is quite reality or a horrible, dusty delusion- struggle to get your bearings and simply survive as you delve deeper into this survival/psychological horror immersive sim by Glass Knuckle Games. With only your flashlight and hammer in hand, seek a way out- hopefully without loosing your head, physically or mentally, in the process.One of a select few safe rooms, one of



STUFFED ReviewDEVELOPER - Waving Bear Studio, Publisher - TheGamePublisher.comA spooky teddy bear first-person shooter where you defend your owner from waves of her nightmares. Play solo or join your friends in up to 4 player online co-op.In a world of a child's dreams, the nightmares lurk in the backgrounds. The night terrors you must fight against as the lovable and cuddly hero that is your teddy bear.Fight the evil gnomes, ducks, robots, shadow men and its dark shadows in this Call of Duty: Zombies style arena.Will you save your owner, and give her the pleasant dreams she so deserves, or will the darkness creep in?GameplaySTUFFED


Empty Shell Review

Empty Shell is a survival horror roguelike with a strong emphasis on a full black and white art style, as if the player was watching the action unfold through a satellite view from a bygone age. This unusual approach is both its greatest strength and its biggest shortcoming as it deeply sets the mood, but also makes it harder to distinguish enemy types, ultimately affecting gameplay as a whole.The ExpendablesThe story is an interesting one, with a hint of Squid Game if we want to look at it from a certain “disposable people” perspective. There’s an abandoned facility on a Japanese


Demonic Supremacy Review

Demonic Supremacy ReviewDeveloped and Published by; Chilidog InteractiveAboutDemonic Supremacy is an old-school 3D shooter with a certain nostalgic flavour and few gamer-friendly features. It offers several hours of hurricane gameplay rocking through memorable levels with the explosive heavy metal soundtrack!Do you remember back in 1993 and 1996, when the releases of Quake and DOOM were all the hype for First-person shooters? Well, let me present to you Demonic Supremacy.You will very much notice that the graphics and general gameplay are very similar to that beautiful retro era.Most games from Chilidog Interactive are the same way, with games like;     • Dead station,   


Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle Review

When you're tasked with retrieving a vital briefcase, the world as you know it turns into a living nightmare and nothing will be the same ever again. Are you ready to face the truth and uncover the mysteries lying in the dark?AboutDeveloper - Invader Studios / Publisher - Leonardo Interactive, 4Divinity.Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle is a third-person story-driven survival horror game prequel to the critically acclaimed Daymare: 1998. Step into the shoes of agent Dalila Reyes, a former government spy now in the service of H.A.D.E.S. unit and prepare to face the true horror.Prepare yourself for some crazy camera angles, a barrage of

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