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BROK the InvestiGator Review

BROK the InvestiGator is a unique mix of beat’em up and point-and-click adventure by COWCAT where you can choose to solve crimes and mysteries with your brain or your fists in a surprisingly deep and branching story.Back to the FutureWhen I first started the game, I felt like traveling back in time. The art style of the game strongly resembles comic books or cartoons from the ‘80s and ‘90s and with the main character shouting one-liners like “Trouble!” and “I’d better get out of here!” it really looks as if you are watching a kids’ show. But that first impression could


Streets of Rogue Review

Play as a vampire, hacker, gorilla, bartender, or 22 other characters in this weird, great roguelike.On my first run, I'm an assassin, backstabbing enemies and slinging shuriken. Then I'm a jock, barrelling through walls and swinging a baseball bat. Next, I'm a gorilla, flanked by three other primates, tearing scientists apart with my bare hands in the middle of downtown. Somehow, I avoid the patrolling cops on that last one, probably because I’d injected two of my companions with an invisibility serum—plus, there was a riot in the streets, turning the level into a mosh pit of gang fights, enraged shop


Bully Beatdown Review

Publisher & Developer: Almighty games.What is Bully Beatdown? A classic 2D beat-em-up but you beat up bullies. The Main MenuThe story: In Bully Beatdown you play as a kid called “Fat Kid” who is trying to ask “skool girl” to prom but the cool kids like jocks, nerds and rich kid keep telling him he has no chance and calling him fat so “Fat kid” goes on a rampage and kills them.Some of the story!What is Bully Beatdown but more in depth? Bully Beatdown is a 2D beat-em-up with comic book style of telling you the story of “Fat kid”.Killing the bullys!The Mechanics: In Bully

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