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Computer Repair Shop Review

Do you enjoy fixing computers? Do you also enjoy ripping people off, hacking, and creating viruses? I have the game for you…kinda…While I do like the concept of Computer Repair Shop, it could definitely use some work. It’s both horrible and comical in several ways. The graphics leave me wishing they had tried a bit harder, and moving around makes me want to vomit at times, throat chop someone at others, and at really special times, both. This is even after trying to adjust the sensitivity, so good luck, and let me know if you find something that works. That said,


Stranded Deep Review

Survival games come in a variety of flavors, some realistic, others not so much, some focused almost entirely on survival, others with added elements of fantasy or horror, like mythical or not-so-mythical creatures out for your flesh and blood. Few games are focused almost entirely on taming nature and making it play by your rules.One of them is Stranded Deep, a game under development by Australian studio Beam Team  Games.A Little BackstoryThe backstory of your character on Stranded Deep is very thin: you are a person sitting on a private jet in flight over the high seas when something happens: the


Pile Up! Box by Box Review

Pile Up is a family-friendly couch co-op 3D plaformer where players control boxes and must solve small puzzles to advance. The game looks good but does it deserve its 96% positive reviews on Steam (at time of review)? Most of the puzzles in the game are related to out-of-reach platforms and you need to use boxes to reach those places. There are different kinds of boxes (which are nicely introduced one by one) that you can gather and use to create stairs and such. While playing solo, there are always enough boxes to be able to go everywhere by yourself. In co-op


Not for Broadcast Review

FMV has fell out of popularity in an era with more detailed and quality 3D models, and is only making a resurgence recently with the indie community. It's a medium that can better portray characters and create a connection between the player and the story, but the problem lies with player engagement because the gameplay relies on what scenes are recorded which limits player agency. One such FMV game is being developed by NotGames, it's called Not For BroadcastThe story starts as the player character (Alex) is deceived into taking his friends job as he moves out of the country, only


Wordscapes Review (Mobile)

Wordscapes is a free word game from PeopleFun. If you want to test how broad your vocabulary is, this app will not disappoint. There are currently over 6,000 levels to unlock. It also allows you to learn new words and add them to your stock of knowledge. You will have fun playing while gaining the benefits of a sharper brain. If you find a level too hard to solve, you have the option to use Wordscapes Answers that you will find online.It’s free to playYou can download this game for free. If you are the type of player that does not

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