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Riftstorm Pre-alpha Review

Riftstorm pre-alpha test kind of surprised me because, usually in alpha tests there's like 2-3 hours of gameplay at most, but usually it's just one level of a game or a small chunk of the open world. Riftstorm had 5 levels that you could do with 4 different characters with every level having randomized rooms, power-ups and loot. It felt more like an open beta with how much content there was here, but of course, not everything was peachy and there are plenty of red flags this game has so lets get into it.Riftstorm is a top-down twin stick roguelike looter


Roots of Yggdrasil Review

City builder games have had quite of a comeback for the past few years, most notably with the release of Cities: Skylines 2. Most of the games have been playing it safe with very little deviations in the formula, that's why I was glad to see that Roots of Yggdrasil is a Roguelike city builder set in Nordic mythology. If the genre mash up sounds weird to you, it kind of is, until you get used to it.The main objective of the game is, build different structures to get different resources to get to the Yggdrasil seed, each island you'll need



GUNHEAD ReviewDeveloper and Publisher; AlienTrapGunhead is a fast-paced strategic roguelike FPS where you take the role of a pirate mech with a gun for a head, looting derelict spaceships filled with monstrous drones made out of bone and steel. Sequel to the 2d roguelite Cryptark.Unrelated to the My Hero Academia hero and the sequel to the June 2017 2D title, Cryptark, comes GUNHEAD. This 3D space, Sci-Fi game gives you the guns, it gives you the procedural base raider generation and best of all it provides that much-needed itch to bring the smack down upon alien spaceship's brains.If Meet Your Maker and MOTHERGUNSHIP came


Empty Shell Review

Empty Shell is a survival horror roguelike with a strong emphasis on a full black and white art style, as if the player was watching the action unfold through a satellite view from a bygone age. This unusual approach is both its greatest strength and its biggest shortcoming as it deeply sets the mood, but also makes it harder to distinguish enemy types, ultimately affecting gameplay as a whole.The ExpendablesThe story is an interesting one, with a hint of Squid Game if we want to look at it from a certain “disposable people” perspective. There’s an abandoned facility on a Japanese


Kinetic Storm Review

Kinetic Storm by Broken Teapot Studios Inc. is a fun and exciting action roguelike, bullet hell type of game that can easily suck you in for hours at a time. It has a sci-fi feel to it, and I have to say, they did a great job on this demo.The graphics are great and I really enjoyed the almost old-school type of feel to them. The enemies are well done and get more intense as you progress through the game. Some are just more powerful and cause more damage, and others come at you in massive swarms. Either way, they create

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