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ATLAS Review

Before reading, please note that this game is still in Early Access state.From the creators of ARK: Survival Evolved comes ATLAS and just like ARK, ATLAS is an open world MMO survival game that offers a great adventure, the only difference is that ARK is about dinosaurs and ATLAS is about Pirates. Unfortunately if you played ARK before you'll feel more like it's an ARK DLC so for ARK players so I'll do a short review for you which will be a small comparison between ARK and ATLAS and the rest will be a long review for non-ARK players.For ARK players:After


Developers pirated their own game because they felt bad

The creators of the Darkwood game explained why they shared their own game in a pirated version.A few weeks ago on Steam, Darkwood, a horror title from the bird's eye view, emerged from the Early Access version, which soon appeared in the pirated edition. Nothing strange - it's happening, right? Perhaps, but the unusual thing is that the pirated version of the game was shared by the developer Acid Wizard Studios!Why would someone put a game that he worked for years on torrents when they are selling it for 14 euros? The answer is - compassion."Steam allows you to refund money

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