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Rhyfel's Comprehensive List of Life Changing Games

Don't worry this is not the typical "Top 100" list. Think of it more like a suggestion list of awesome games more than anything, this is a list of some of the games I have played over the many years, which I believe are detrimental to a thorough experience of what gaming truly has to offer. It includes titles from nearly every genre that have all provided gamers with unique experiences unparalleled at the time or since.These are not all the games I played, these are not all the necessary games either as I am sure I missed plenty. But these


Play Super Mario 64 Online with your friends!

Fans have reworked Super Mario 64 by adding a cooperative online multiplayer. Chances are it will not last, so enjoy it while it's still available.Super Mario 64 is one of the best games from the golden age of the 90s, some even say of all time, but one thing was always limited - it was not possible to play with other players. However, fans have tried to correct it on several occasions, just as Nintendo was trying to spoil that party. Fortunately, fans did not give up, and the result of their effort is Super Mario 64 Online - a game


E3 The Conferences - Ubisoft

A Ubisoft E3 press conference without Aisha Tyler hosting, can it work? What made the Ubisoft conference stand out in the past become a by the numbers reveal show. But were the games reveals any good?A strong start, with Yves Guillemot and Shigeru Miyamoto sharing the stage to show off Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. A tactical RPG for the Nintendo Switch releasing on the 29th August.Assassin's Creed: Origins got another trailer with a gameplay feature promised after the conference. No further information than had already been provided during Microsoft's conference was forthcoming.South Park: The Fractured But Whole, The Crew 2,

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