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Play Super Mario 64 Online with your friends!
Fans have reworked Super Mario 64 by adding a cooperative online multiplayer. Chances are it will not last, so enjoy it while it's still available.

Super Mario 64 is one of the best games from the golden age of the 90s, some even say of all time, but one thing was always limited - it was not possible to play with other players. However, fans have tried to correct it on several occasions, just as Nintendo was trying to spoil that party. Fortunately, fans did not give up, and the result of their effort is Super Mario 64 Online - a game that can be played cooperatively with up to 24 players at once.

Each player can control a different character, and all characters have unique abilities. The whole thing looks great and can be played free with little effort if you follow the instructions on the official site .

Unfortunately, it is very likely that entertainment will be short-lived because as soon as Nintendo sees this project, we know that it is followed by forced closure. So quick enter the 24-member co-op Super Mario 64 - the question is when you will be able to experience it again.

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