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The Crew 2 Review and Visual Comparisons.

The Crew 2 so far is a huge step backwards in visual design and fidelity, the game seems to lack a certain love for attention to detail that the previous title had. I been wondering if the issues found in the game would be something to be fixed later with a patch, so far the game on release and Beta has had several imperfections and lacks what we call "Quality Of Life" features and optimizations.In the first The Crew game, everything felt alive and entertaining to look at while driving around. You could just randomly place a waypoint anywhere in the


OP News - 21/05/2017 Fortnight Edition

IO Interactive for SaleDespite boasting record year-on-year profits, Square Enix is looking to sell off IO Interactive, the creators of Hitman. In an investor's note Squeenix states an “extraordinary loss” of nearly 4,900 million yen (about $43 million) due to the proposed sale. All work between the two companies ceased on March 31st 2017, leaving IO in a state of limbo.Destiny 2 DetailsBungie held a Destiny 2 gameplay reveal event this week, shining new details on the upcoming sequel.New subclasses, supers and weapons were shown, alongside four new zones to explore. While characters from the original title can be carried over they will

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