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The Video Game Industry's Fascination With Slot Machines

Atari and Nintendo started selling their first home video game consoles in the late 70s, and just in the span of a couple of years, the newfound industry saw a great rise in commercially distributed video game products. The Atari 2600 was especially responsible for popularizing games stored on swappable ROM cartridges.While Nintendo’s first home console was released in 1977, the company’s first major gaming console, the NES didn’t come out until 1983. Nintendo Entertainment System today is tied to every retro gamer’s nostalgia, it is also the console that introduced the gaming world to many.This era steered away people from arcade games


Sunday News - The Snake is Back

Hello and welcome to something you used to know as "Snake's News" back in Opium Pulses steam group one year ago. After leaving with two middle fingers up and behaving like a total di- male reproductive organ, excuse the language, I'm back and posting. To those who have no idea who I am - I'm a gamer (obviously), anime freak, potty mouth.So, with that short re-introduction - let's get to business.VICTOR ANTONOV JOINS INDIE SCENEViktor Antonov is the mind behind City 17 and Dunwall. Recently, he left Bethesda in order to work with his friend - Benjamin Charbit, ex-Ubisoft employee who

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