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5 Most Valuable Game Items Sold in Video Game History

Video gaming has significantly evolved throughout the years. According to Statista, in 2022, the revenue from the global gaming market was nearly 347 billion dollars. The most significant “shares” from this revenue took home the United States (over 85 billion US dollars, the United Kingdom (5.89 billion British pounds), and Australia (4.21 billion Australian dollars). And these numbers continue to grow with every passing year. The fact that we have moved from traditional brick-and-mortar gambling venues to more convenient instant PayID pokies in Australia is the best proof that nothing remains the same forever. During several decades, we have witnessed the shift


Steam Summer Sale 2017 - Here's what you can buy for less than 5€

During the great seasonal discounts on Steam, we bring you games that will bring you the most fun for the least amount of money.Summer discounts on Steam are in progress and now is a real opportunity to expand collections of games at attractive prices. The offers will last until 05. 07., and will change from day to day. However, some games are already so cheap that it would be a sin not to highlight them in one such article.Of course, most of the discounted games are aged three and over, and a good portion of them are of indie productions. But


Steam Winter Sale 2016

Let it sale, let it sale, let it sale!Steam Winter Sale is very close (22nd December) and I hope to catch some great deals! After users were complaining about the bad deals that got worse and worse over time (used to be around 70% average but went down to only 10 maybe for new games if at all), chances are that Valve changes the system back again, though I would not entirely rely on that.Even though the sale is a great chance to get yourself some nice games, the real blowing ones will be released early 2017, so you might as well save


Foresight Giveaway, Sale and Review!

Today we're telling you guys about a cool real time strategy game set in space from the awesome people at Strides Interactive. We've got a giveaway, a 33% off sale and an in-depth review from one of OP's finest curators.Let's start with the giveaway, there will be 10 lucky winners and it will run for a total of 2 weeks.CLICK HERE TO ENTER OUR FORESIGHT GIVEAWAY!Next we have a 33% off sale exclusively on the Opium Pulses store, which you can also purchase for free if you have enough points.CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE SALE!Next up is the review from

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