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Roots of Yggdrasil Review

City builder games have had quite of a comeback for the past few years, most notably with the release of Cities: Skylines 2. Most of the games have been playing it safe with very little deviations in the formula, that's why I was glad to see that Roots of Yggdrasil is a Roguelike city builder set in Nordic mythology. If the genre mash up sounds weird to you, it kind of is, until you get used to it.The main objective of the game is, build different structures to get different resources to get to the Yggdrasil seed, each island you'll need


Space Station Tycoon Review

Space Station Tycoon ReviewDeveloper and Publisher - Lunheim StudiosCreate a thriving space station in a lost sector. Face thrilling challenges head-on, from pirate raids to asteroid impacts, as you lead your company to new heights.Not to be confused with the 2022 WII Namco Bandai game, I bring you; Space Station Tycoon.Space Station Tycoon sets you as a newcomer in intergalactic space. You are now the sole owner of a space station, with dreams and aspirations of turning this hunk of junk into a booming business.Overcome the various challenges and dangers that only space can bring.Expand your starbase, and expand your business across lightyears' worth


Quriocity Game Review

“Have a successful colony,” proclaims the guide for Quriocity on Steam. Establish and develop a functioning settlement on a recently discovered planet. Welcome the continual influx of colonists, providing them with employment, entertainment, and education. Being a sci-fi fan with experience in classic games like Space Engineers and 7 Days to Die, I went into Quriocity thinking, “How hard can this be?”Find out what happens when I challenged myself to follow both this guide written by the game’s developers–which suggests skipping the tutorials–as well as the in-game tutorials themselves.Quriocity, created by Oxeliz Games, is a city-building sim focused on strategic resource


Land of the Vikings Review

Are you looking for a relaxing game to play after a stressful day at work? Perhaps you need a different world to plunge yourself into, while laying back, opening a beer and listening to some awesome music? Well, look no further: Land of the Vikings is the game you've been looking for!This Early Access title takes you to an almost empty piece of land where you can start building and growing your small village: starting from gathering fruits and herbs to farming the land and animal husbandry, to trading and raiding other lands!                 


Oxygen: First Breath

Platform: PC SteamDeveloper: Turquoise Revival Games Oxygen: First Breath is a small, free insight into what will come when the full release (Oxygen) comes in Q1 2023. If you like a challenging city builder game, this could be for you.What Does Oxygen: First Breath Entail?A natural disaster hit and brought humanity to its knees. Only a few survivors left, you must build your city around the oxygen centre and ensure the people's survival in a post-apocalyptic future. All the while, it is threatened by crack explosions, deadly winds, droughts and frost. It is down to you to lead your people and keep

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