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Space Station Tycoon Review

Space Station Tycoon Review

Developer and Publisher - Lunheim Studios

Create a thriving space station in a lost sector. 

Face thrilling challenges head-on, from pirate raids to asteroid impacts, as you lead your company to new heights.

Not to be confused with the 2022 WII Namco Bandai game, I bring you; Space Station Tycoon.

Space Station Tycoon sets you as a newcomer in intergalactic space. You are now the sole owner of a space station, with dreams and aspirations of turning this hunk of junk into a booming business.

Overcome the various challenges and dangers that only space can bring.

Expand your starbase, and expand your business across lightyears' worth of space, it's time for you to take control and provide the security, accommodation, staffing and pleasures for your customers.

Research your technology and advertise to get that edge, only you decide how you want to build your starbase.


WARNING: The game currently has an issue where it will fatally crash, on a major plus the game will autosave, so all your progress is not lost!

There is not a single shred of tutorial to be found in the game, but that doesn't mean that the game is impossible to learn, I found it incredibly easy to pick up and learn, but I have always had a knack for picking simulation games up quickly.

You do however get inbox messages from an old friend, but he doesn't give you much advice.

As far as progression goes, there is a quest system that you can follow, which I recommend doing, I would also recommend that you don't rush too much into building and recruiting new staff, as you can very easily go bankrupt like I did when I went into Hard mode.

Speaking of Hard mode, it is hard, I found myself having to restart each time until eventually I just went into Easy mode. Along with these 2 modes, you also have medium and Nightmare mode.

Nightmare unlocks after you research everything from Hard mode

You begin the game by selecting your starbase colours, logo and name, and then you are sucked into the game like a vortex.

With nothing to your name, you must make your base bustling with life. To do this, the game asks you to make docking bays, power and hire some staff. Slowly, but surely you will start seeing some income being generated as soon as you place down a suitable route in the galaxy map.

The more money you earn, the wider the galaxy can become when you purchase the necessary upgrades.

Eventually, you will have 2 floors worth of buildings.

A simple strategy I tried to stick with was to only build a set of buildings that relate to each other on each space podium. For example, One pod might have docking bays for ships, another might have staff accommodation and power banks, and another might have entertainment services. 

On each floor, you can have 4 beams which can be expanded up to 8 with 1 space on each side. 

You have the ability to research in laboratories, which gives you small bonuses and perks, and with enough research unlocked, you can gain new buildings like parks and advanced security buildings.

Going bankrupt isn't the only way that you can lose out, there are various dangers out there in the traverse that would love to take a chunk out of you, just to name a few of them;

Asteroid fields, radiation clouds, Pirate and raider attacks, police scans. There is no such thing as having too many security measures. Especially on those radiation fields... Those hurt a lot and are very costly.

Fortunately, you can defend against these attacks with various turrets and shield defences at the price of power. You can never have too many power structures either.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed my 4 hours of game time, managed to max my base out and defended against countless obstacles.

If there are just some things that I could change it would be to build more floors and make something like DS9 from Star Trek, or have multi-directional beams instead of the 4 straight prongs that you can build off from.

Imagine making a ring of Shield bubbles around your base, that would be absolutely cool in my opinion, or turning the base into the death star from Star Wars, that would also be incredible.



I would rate this as a solid 5

Simply put, it's expansive with the galaxy map making it even bigger, it's fun, and I love the space games like this.

(5 being the absolute best)



If you'd like to know more about the developers behind the game visit HERE

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