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Snake's News - Something Longer Than Usual

After not writing for two days - I'm back. Bigger, better, fatter.BATTLEFIELD 1 GAMEPLAY WITH VEHICLESEverything you'd expect from World War 1 - biplanes, tanks, bikes...but not horses, surprisingly. Anyway, check out what EA has to say in that matter.QUANTUM BREAK HEADING TO STEAMMicrosoft gives up. Probably the sales on their market alone aren't enough and they are going with the game to Steam Store. Not only that - many Microsoft games will come back to Steam, but this one's unexpected. And to add more to that - it'll get DX11 API, making the game compatible with Windows 7/8. Yay? Definitely.DEUS


Snake's News - No Leaks for Old Men

This day was better in terms of events than usual. Also, this was supposed to go through yesterday. Whoops.LAWBREAKERS GAMEPLAYNothing much to say. Accessible only for alpha testers for now.LOST SOUL ASIDE - ONE MAN'S GAMEOne Korean (South one, not the Best one) going by the name of Bing Yang was making this thing for over two years. It's made in UE4 and nothing else is known, really. The country torn apart by war, your hero Kazer leads some kind of organisation, but some other beast - Arena - takes your body. Right now Mr. Yang is looking for people to


Snake's News - The Ghettos, The Dead and The Failed

Today in Snake's news - some news, a little bit more of news, and to top it off - news. And a gameplay. Let's start.DEUS EX: MAKIND DIVIDED - LONG-ASS GAMEPLAYSWe sneak through the ghetto for Augs, we shoot through the ghetto for Augs, we wait for the game to be FINALLY RELEASED GODDAMMIT.DEAD RISING 1 GETS PS4, PC AND XBO PORTSSome PS4 users discovered recently that trophies for Dead Rising 1 were added to PSN. Capcom confirmed that remastered version of DR1 is coming to current-gen consoles and PC, same goes for DR2 and Off The Record (but only in

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