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GTA Fans Tingle With Excitement After Rockstar Games Announcement

Ten years have passed since Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto 5 into the wild. Rumors of an eighth instalment of the ever-popular series have circulated for what feels like forever, but the wait to see the new game is almost over. Earlier this month, Rockstar Games released a brief statement announcing the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto VI, revealing the gaming world will get a glimpse of the new game in early December.The longest Grand Theft Auto fans have had to wait for a new release before now was five years between Grand Theft Auto IV in 2008 and


Four Improvements To GTA VI That Could Leave Fans Feeling Flush

September 18th saw a shockwave run through the gaming world. While rumors have been rife for years – at this point, it's almost ten years since GTA V first hit our screens in September 2013 – leaked footage confirmed that development was indeed underway on Grand Theft Auto VI. It very much looks the case that Rockstar will be taking us back to Vice City - based heavily on Miami - that hosted the misadventures of Tommy Vercetti two decades back.The earliest speculation surrounding the game was way back in 2018, when it was claimed that a working title of Project


The History of Gearbox & How Their Games Began

Gearbox Software was founded in 1999 by Randy Pitchford, Brian Martel, Stephen Bahl, Landon Montgomery and Rob Heironimus, all former developers of the cringingly-named studio “Rebel Boat Rocker”, a studio that never managed to release a single game. Before this, core members of the group worked for studios such as 3D Realms and Bethesda Softworks.Gearbox’s first few projects might come as a surprise to some, being a mostly unproven studio without a single game to their name up to this point outside of their early efforts in well-established studios (which might be what got them the gig). Developing official expansions and

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