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Joggernauts Review

Joggernauts is an infinite runner with a deceptive childish flairStory:You (or your friends if you have any) have crash-landed on a planet where you will be jogging for your life!Gameplay:Since I myself have only had single player to go off of, this will not be a comprehensive review of the party game elements.My first impressions of the game were actually really fun. I've played bitrunner before for a brief amount of time and thought myself competent at infinite runners.Nope.The first world was challenging but doable, but afterward, I got absolutely reamed. The game is fairly simple, you have a blue character

DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes Review

Developer: Baby Duka, Schubell ITPublisher: Baby DukaEarly Build: 2003 patch 3.Title Screen!What is DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes? If you like a lot of Super Meat Boy and speed running levels then this is for you.The Story: There is no story but to beat everyone time.One of the community made levels!What is DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes but more in depth? DASH is an action platformer with hundreds of levels made by the community and a lot of them with times to be beaten.Character select screen!The Mechanics: The mechanics of DASH you are given some levels which allow you to shoot boxes and

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