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Midnight Heist Review

Midnight Heist ReviewDeveloper & Publisher - MediaTaleGo on heists through Midnight City alone or with up to three friends to fulfil tasks as a hacker for various organizations. Improve your reputation, earn money and uncover the secrets of shady companies in this co-op horror game.It's a game that is like Phasmophobia, but not quite the same at all.MediaTale brings you Midnight Heist where you must hack computers, find documents, and find collectables to improve your cash flow or sell special items to the Black Market.There is only one thing stopping you from making this a breeze, an entity of unknown origin hunts you.With a


World of Haiku Review

About the gameDeveloped and published by Haiku, Inc., World of Haiku (WoH) is a RPG like simulator which immerses you deep into the cyberworld where you must help a group known as Cybermancers stop a massive cyberattack that could potentially destroy humanity. The game prepares you by offering cybersecurity skills that align with training that Certified Ethical Hackers receive. The game currently has the first full chapter released, which consists of 7 double missions. During the missions, you will learn how the real Linux operating system works and how to use commands like: cd, ls, cat, johntheripper, hydra, amongst others. A pretty

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