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The Planet Crafter Review

What A Rough Landing...Finding yourself stranded on a dusty, barren, uninhabitable planet littered with slews of raw resources-you’ve got quite the task at hand. Terraform this inhospitable place you now get to call “home”, or you’re going to die trying. After all- you’ve got no-where else to go, and no other choice, Convict. Time to earn your freedom…Welcome home.After enduring a rather rough landing, start gathering all you can-resources in raw form are plenty, and you’ve got quite a lot to do. A small blurb on your pod is just barely enough to drive the point home:This is your new home,


Ark Survival Ascended Review

Platform: PC, Xbox, PlaystationDevelopers: Studio Wildcard, Grove Street GamesArk Survival has evolved into the next generation of gaming with Unreal Engine 5. So gear up and get ready to run for your dear life!What Does Ark Survival Ascended Entail?Ark Survival Ascended is the upgraded version of Ark Survival Evolved. The game has been recreated and redesigned from the ground up into the next generation of video game technology. With high-end graphics features such as fully dynamic Global Illumination, light bounces realistically off surfaces. It provides realistic reflections and advanced mesh streaming of hundreds of millions of triangles for extreme detail. There is


Occupy Mars: The Game Review

Platform: PC, SteamDevelopers: Pyramid GamesAre you ready to face the challenges of surviving on Mars? Let your creativity soar as you navigate the harsh terrain of space. Leave civilisation behind and embrace the thrill of exploration. What Does Occupy Mars Ential?Join the Mars colonization journey with Occupy Mars, a thrilling survival game inspired by real-life companies and technologies focused on making humanity a multi-planet species. Build and upgrade your base, explore new regions, mine resources, retrieve water, grow crops, generate oxygen, and fix broken equipment to survive the harsh terrain of Mars.Your survival depends on ensuring your base has enough water, oxygen,

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