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Morbid: The Seven Acolytes Review

Morbid is a VERY beautiful game, from everything static like trees or houses to moving assets like enemies and blood explosions. Trees, branches and bushes will sometimes make it confusing and you will not be able to see if you can go through a path or if there’s something blocking the way. Other than that, I loved the overall look and feel of the game. The sound of pots breaking when I hit them reminded me of some older games , almost like the sound asset comes from another game, but I will consider this as a coincidence. The audio and


Enforcer: Police Crime Action Review

Few words about the gameEnforcer: Police Crime Action is a game that shows the complete opposite side of the GTA series - the righteous side of the law. You're in control of policeman, starting your career from the very bottom of it, showing us with lots of details how does the average life of law-enforcement officers looks like.AdvantagesGood, quite unique concept of gameAbsorbing gameplay with tons of various missions and eventsSounds are done quite well and voicing of characters is predominantly very good, big "+" for itControl over your characters, whether on foot or by car, is a bit weird yet


E.T. Armies Review

Few words about the gameE.T. Armies is quite a great indie shooter that shows us perfectly that game being independent, doesn't mean it has to be bad. The game is taking place in a sci-fi futuristic world, and you're a soldier on a mission to rise and defend it as good as you can. No, it doesn't live up to some amazing AAA shooter, but you will be positively surprised what indie developers are capable of.AdvantagesGraphics are polished and gorgeous, lots of lightning and reflections do their job perfectlyStory is maintained on an interesting level for most of the timeWell-made shooting


My Tower, My Home Review

Few words about the gameMy Tower, My Home is a nicely done combination of a tower defence game with a 2D shooter. It's a very dynamic game where enemies come from every direction to destroy the core of your tower and your goal is to defend it using multiple strategies with a ton of perks you can choose from. Try to survive few waves and don't die too quickly ;)AdvantagesA huge variety of mods, upgrades and skills to choose fromVery nice and minimalistic graphicsCo-op mode for 2 local playersGame is quite challenging, as after some waves of enemies it slowly becomes


Outlast Review

Few words about the gameOutlast is a first-person horror game, created by an indie developers team, Red Barrels. In the game, you're in control of a journalist that came to an asylum to find out if those terrifying rumours he's got from his source are real. Believe me, you're not ready for what is waiting inside...AdvantagesImmersive story with ton of surprising twists and turnsEvery second of gameplay is full of tensionRealistic graphics along with frightening level design are making quite an awesome impressionHide & Seek, along with parkour and sneaking elements, creates one of a kind atmosphereThe AI of your stalkers

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