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Kill To Collect Review

Few words about the game

Kill to Collect is an incredibly addictive rouge-like game, placed in a cyberpunk universe. You're to control one of four Hunters, and your goal is to clear out multiple levels out of any enemies you'll encounter. Invite your friends, create a team, think of some good strategy and... Kill To Collect!


  • Big variety of enemies
  • Layout of levels is randomly generated
  • Awesome soundtrack, perfectly fit to the theme of the game
  • Great replay value thanks to all unlockables and customization options
  • 4 characters to choose from, each with their own unique set of skills and play style
  • The difficulty is hard, and it makes the game more rewarding than it looks like
  • Up to 4 players, co-op mode is very well-made and lets players think of some nice strategies to pass the levels


  • The story is really not clear or even visible and doesn't bring too much into the game
  • In story mode, the game can be too overwhelming, which might lead to being stuck or forcing the player to lower the difficulty


I'm really into this game right now. Yeah, it is a bit repetitive if you're dying over and over again on the same level, but it's quite rewarding when you're finally able to get to the next lever. The main theme of this game, along with the music, totally bought me - cyberpunk to me is the most amazing thing that could ever happen to games. Thanks to big amount of ways to combine all boosts, upgrades and weapons, ensures us that we won't get bored with it too quickly. The only thing that I wish to be upgraded, is an amount of playable characters or at least some additional skills to use. But except that one thing, it's a good, I could even say, a wonderful game! I heavily recommend it, even if it's for single player only. So yeah, now I'm going back to finish another bounty and hope one day I'll finally 'git gud' and stop dying.

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