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Gods Against Machines Review

Gods Against Machines ReviewDeveloped and Published - Silver Eye StudiosYour world is under attack by a ruthless race of machines, and you are its only hope. Cast epic spells, summon minions or buildings, and destroy the enemy before they conquer your home in this roguelite strategy game!Enter a world where the machines have taken over after mankind, a world where the machines try and corrupt the planet with their factories and life-sucking plants.Mother Nature is pissed and wants to fight back. You are recruited as a newborn god with the powers of the elements at your grasp.Will you be the one to answer


Tram Simulator - Urban Transit Review

Tram Simulator - Urban Transit ReviewDeveloper - stillalive Studios, Publisher - astragon EntertainmentWelcome to Tram Simulator Urban Transit - get on aboard! In this game, you take on the role of a tram driver and manager. Drive 6 tram models. Transport passengers and drive them to the numerous stops. Plan your routes, manage your timetables, and expand your tram network.Become your boss in this Tram simulation game, with major similarities to the all-time favourite Bus Simulator 2021.Manage your routes, buy your Trams, obey the traffic laws and experience the life of being a Tram driver in this immersive simulation environment.(Beautiful scenery in the tutorial


The House Review

The House ReviewDeveloper - EdoartGames, Publisher - Res SRLThe House is a new first-person horror and psychological game for the computer. Escape the house where it all began, collect items, weapons and level up. Travel between worlds and time to reach your goal. Go discover the dark secrets of the House where it all began!Like many other titles with the same name, The House is a horror-themed action-adventure FPS focusing mainly on ambience, zombies and many puzzles with bugs that will make you want to vomit.Set your sights on traversing a seemingly abandoned home, using only the tools you find at your disposal.GameplayNot a lot can


Obenseuer Review

Obenseuer ReviewDeveloper and Publisher - Loiste InteractiveObenseuer is an urban survival RPG game, where you become a property manager of a rundown unfinished tenement building, in an isolated quarantine district of Obenseuer. Maintain and upgrade your tenement for rent, uncover the secrets of this infamous district and grow your wealth with your craft.Obenseuer, otherwise known as Open Sewer was created by the talented Finnish individuals over at Loiste Interactive.Create your empire through various methods while constructing your tenant apartment, many homeless people need a place to sleep! The quarantined zones need your help.While you fight off your addictions, are you the one for a difficult



STUFFED ReviewDEVELOPER - Waving Bear Studio, Publisher - TheGamePublisher.comA spooky teddy bear first-person shooter where you defend your owner from waves of her nightmares. Play solo or join your friends in up to 4 player online co-op.In a world of a child's dreams, the nightmares lurk in the backgrounds. The night terrors you must fight against as the lovable and cuddly hero that is your teddy bear.Fight the evil gnomes, ducks, robots, shadow men and its dark shadows in this Call of Duty: Zombies style arena.Will you save your owner, and give her the pleasant dreams she so deserves, or will the darkness creep in?GameplaySTUFFED

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