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Tram Simulator - Urban Transit Review

Tram Simulator - Urban Transit Review

Developer - stillalive Studios, Publisher - astragon Entertainment

Welcome to Tram Simulator Urban Transit - get on aboard! In this game, you take on the role of a tram driver and manager. 

Drive 6 tram models. Transport passengers and drive them to the numerous stops. 

Plan your routes, manage your timetables, and expand your tram network.

Become your boss in this Tram simulation game, with major similarities to the all-time favourite Bus Simulator 2021.

Manage your routes, buy your Trams, obey the traffic laws and experience the life of being a Tram driver in this immersive simulation environment.

(Beautiful scenery in the tutorial section!)


Welcome to Tram Simulator Urban Transit, where the hours are long, the wages are massive, and everything is as realistic as possible.

I should know. I used the Tram service in the United Kingdom going to and from work, I can say from experience that this simulation is as real, and as accurate as any other Tram simulation game that you'll find on the internet.

Featuring a super long tutorial, with in-depth material on how to operate the Tram you can be sure to pick up the controls easily, it doesn't teach you other basic things like creating routes or buying Trams and customizing, but those are easily picked up skills after you start a new game.

(Chance for passengers to not have valid tickets)

Taking into account that Bus Sim 21 and Tram Sim feel like the same game, I can see why some reviews feel that way, but the way I see it is that it's a new idea, you don't have to steer just control that speed of yours!

In this game, you create your route with your newly purchased Tram in Story or Career mode, drive around or let the AI do it for you.

Note that only when you drive and complete enough stops will you earn any kind of money.

(Due to my OBS blacking out my recordings of this game, no gameplay footage is available.)

Personally, the AI is kind of terrible. They can and they will walk in front of you, regardless of how close you are to the Tram stops. AI driving for street cars will also get in your way as you try to meet your timetable.

With both Day and Night cycles, and a mixture of weather conditions that can slow you down, it's not too see that this game was made with intuitive designs.

Each one of the 6 trams has its weight, capacity and price tags, it's down to you to decide how you want to play.

(Camera view of a Tram)

While the game does feature Multiplayer, the community for this game doesn't seem to be that inclusive when it comes to playing with others.

With the many hazards and negative comments that the passengers give you, I found it to give me great pleasure to kidnapping them and just zooming around going above 50MPH into sharp corners etc.

Final Thoughts

The game offers some decent graphics and sound effects, with some very cool features like sounding the bell and creating a pleasant atmosphere for other travellers by checking tickets, finding lost items and keeping the noise levels down.

It does become repetitive as you stop at every bell dinging as you would in real life, with passengers complaining and/or complimenting you.

With the random AI speech, you may even get hit on *wink wink*

(End screen after completing a certain amount of stops)



I rated it a 4 because I thought that I could manage my company by employing drivers, but instead, it's all mostly automated, and you only receive a paycheck if you do it yourself.

You will still accumulate pay with Auto, but you won't get it until you do it yourself, I found it best to stick AI on the bigger payout routes and travel on a smaller route for the main player.

(5 being the absolute best)



PlayStation, (Coming soon)

XBOX, (Coming soon)

Windows Store, (Coming soon)

Epic, (Coming Soon)

Official website.

(This dashboard looks neat!)

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