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Snowmen Review

Right in time for the Christmas season we have Snowmen, a game imbued with the wonderful spirit and atmosphere of the holiday season, plenty of snow, and murderous spirits relentlessly trying to turn you into a human popsicle. Well, maybe the last part isn’t quite what everyone is hoping for, but it is what happens in this horror game, a variation of so many others where your main goal is to run, run a bit more, and do a couple of things in-between. In other words, it’s Slenderman on ice, for better and for worse.Naughty Boys Go BrrrAssumedly a very short


Buried Review

Buried ReviewDeveloper and Publisher - AuthoginYou wake up buried alive. You are running out of oxygen and you can't remember how you got here. There must be a way out, can you figure it out in time?Not to be confused with the Similar title "Buried Alive".Buried takes you through an immersive, puzzle-solving adventure, where you are literally buried inside a wooden coffin.According to the Developer, Buried was inspired to be a Halloween short, which does indeed live up to its name, the game can be completed, in around 10 to 15 minutes, if you have a good thinking cap.If you are not Claustrophobic

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