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The Mortuary Assistant Review

What is the first thing that comes into mind when you hear the word horror? Is it fear or excitement? Do you imagine monsters, ghost or demons? What about when you think about a morgue? Can you bring yourself to work with the dead or do you get squeamish?Well, let me tell you that the new horror game created by solo dev company, DarkStone Digital, and published by DreadXP, sets us up for some amazingly good scares. Before even beginning, we receive a warning about it being based on actual events which immediately changes the whole ambience and feel of the


World of Haiku Review

About the gameDeveloped and published by Haiku, Inc., World of Haiku (WoH) is a RPG like simulator which immerses you deep into the cyberworld where you must help a group known as Cybermancers stop a massive cyberattack that could potentially destroy humanity. The game prepares you by offering cybersecurity skills that align with training that Certified Ethical Hackers receive. The game currently has the first full chapter released, which consists of 7 double missions. During the missions, you will learn how the real Linux operating system works and how to use commands like: cd, ls, cat, johntheripper, hydra, amongst others. A pretty


Let's Review No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle

TL;DR:No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle is a game designed by Suda51. The man named after the number of sodas I drink per day. A hack and slash game with NES style mini-games with colorful and interesting boss fights. Compared to the last game, the developers removed the open world which is a positive if you ask me and the PC port team didn’t want to be left out on the chopping block trend, so they removed stability from the game. Well I can’t give the game 11/10, so it remains a 10/10 for me but since the game is more


Let's Review No More Heroes

TL;DR:No More Heroes for PC is a lazy but functional port of a very lazy remastered version of the original game for Nintendo Wii. The deep combat system, interesting story, and color full boss fights make it a 10/10 for me. The flaws that they couldn't be bothered to fix for the Nintendo Switch version are also carried over to here, making it a 5/10 from a critical standpoint.This is where the new stuff begins  for those who came from Instagram, Vivaldi blogs and stuff so welcome aboard.Introduction:Imagine this dear reader. It is exams season, but you don't like studying. So

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