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Buried Review

Buried Review

Developer and Publisher - Authogin

You wake up buried alive. You are running out of oxygen and you can't remember how you got here. 

There must be a way out, can you figure it out in time?

Not to be confused with the Similar title "Buried Alive".

Buried takes you through an immersive, puzzle-solving adventure, where you are literally buried inside a wooden coffin.

According to the Developer, Buried was inspired to be a Halloween short, which does indeed live up to its name, the game can be completed, in around 10 to 15 minutes, if you have a good thinking cap.

If you are not Claustrophobic or Arachnophobic and love the thrill of escaping every man's nightmare of waking up in a coffin, then this may be for you.


There is no tutorial, you are thrown into the deep end, with a black screen and the sounds of grunting. You may pick up hints when you find the lighter and use the phone, but that's all you get.

In terms of actual gameplay, you rummage around the coffin looking for items of interest to solve the puzzles.

Puzzles involve moving trash, finding lock combinations, finding keys and finally, finding the coin and mallet.

The process is simple actually, but at least with each new playthrough that you do, the lock combination codes are different each time.

Be wary though, you aren't alone in this coffin.

Spending too much time in the dark may reveal something sinister lurking behind or in front of you. 

Without the light from your almost depleted battery of your phone, and the fuel that lights your lighter, you could become the next victim of Anxiety and suffocate to death.

Maintaining your battery and fuel, along with your stress levels gives you a better chance of survival, yes, panicking in the game reduces your oxygen and lowers your vision, you can even hear the voice lines stating as such.

Yes, your phone will die, and your fuel will get depleted, after which, you have around 5 to 10 minutes before you suffocate, it's not taxing, and there isn't really much need to rush the game if I'm being honest.

Let's talk about the sounds. The sounds are astounding, and though there may not be as many voice lines, they are at least to me, well executed, especially the profanity. 

There are even settings that you can change so that you don't hear as much, you could reduce the amount of breathing and voice lines but for the full immersion, I would recommend leaving it as default.

Talking of settings, I hate spiders, so the option for Arachnophobia is a great bonus, though I didn't turn it off, there was only one little spider in the corner. My fear of spiders is real-life, I'm fine with spiders in a game, but the option is there for those with heightened fears.

The graphical quality is of a nice design, and the details of the coffin interior look pretty good in my opinion, I was playing on high settings too.

Final Thoughts

I was questioning myself if I really wanted to play a short game like this, and in truth, I don't regret it. It may be short and sweet, but in all seriousness, there is some true potential here for some fine updates.

What happens after you escape? Do we find out who placed him there? Why could you only interact with one person on the phone? There are so many questions that I want answers to.

Let's all hope that there will be additions to the game that help define why you were forced to puzzle your way out of the coffin, obviously, they didn't want you dead, because why leave the key taped to the roof?

I for one will be keeping a close eye on updates, if there will be any.

I can foresee a couple of achievements in the future for those hungry achievement goblins. Things like escape in under a minute or a hard one like escape without using a light source. Wouldn't that make for some challenge, the coffin is pitch black.



I would rate this a massive 5.

I thought the puzzles were well done, and the puzzle codes changed on each new run, the graphics were well made, and the best of all is that the game is short and sweet.

(5 being the absolute best)



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