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Super Retro BoxBot Review

Super Retro BoxBot ReviewDeveloper - Joseph Holliday, Publisher - Doc Holliday Games LLC1990s-style puzzle gameplay inspired by the DOS classics Block-man and Loader Larry. Super Retro BoxBot is sure to entertain and challenge you through its hand-crafted levels! You can also create your very own challenges with the included level editor! Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test!Super Retro BoxBots is a charming, 2D side-scrolling puzzle adventure, where you are the main robot hunting for keys to escape each level.Featuring a whopping 66 intricate levels, mixing 50 main levels and 16 collectable bonus levels, you can be sure that your brain will feel challenged.The


Soul Tolerance: Prologue Review

Soul Tolerance ReviewDeveloper and Publisher - Chaosmonger Studio(Note: This is the Prologue version)In a world where artificial intelligence is all that remains, be a robo-detective, and investigate a mind-bending case.Explore a futuristic Japan brought to life in detailed voxel art, and uncover philosophical lore through tons of characters. Become AI and dive into the mystery of consciousness.The developer behind "Three Minutes to Eight" and based in Estonia, they bring you their latest game "Soul Tolerance"Humans have long been extinct, for around 150 years! But that does not repel the fact that AI is any better in this world either.War, oppression, and worker rights are


Playtown Review

Playgrounds can be so much fun, but Playtown isn’t for the faint of heart. A horror game set within an abandoned dinosaur-themed place, lovable Barney is nowhere to be found in this adventure, but there’s an evil twin of sorts roaming about. Stepping into the shoes of a caring father, you decide to return to this place in search of your daughter’s necklace, the one that she got from her deceased mother. The atmosphere is promising, but a notorious lack of direction and scares coupled with some very doubtful design decisions make this extremely short journey forgettable, and not as fun


Snowmen Review

Right in time for the Christmas season we have Snowmen, a game imbued with the wonderful spirit and atmosphere of the holiday season, plenty of snow, and murderous spirits relentlessly trying to turn you into a human popsicle. Well, maybe the last part isn’t quite what everyone is hoping for, but it is what happens in this horror game, a variation of so many others where your main goal is to run, run a bit more, and do a couple of things in-between. In other words, it’s Slenderman on ice, for better and for worse.Naughty Boys Go BrrrAssumedly a very short


Noun Town Language Learning 2023 Review

Noun Town Language Learning 2023 ReviewDeveloper and Publisher - Noun TownNoun Town Language Learning is the new way to learn a foreign language! Interact, listen, read, and speak your chosen language in a world that regains colour as you learn. Test your skills with mini-games & talk to the local villagers. Learn Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and more…Noun Town is a learning adventure game, that takes you to a variety of places to learn basic words in a multitude of languages.With 7 different languages, with Verbal and on-screen translations, you can feel confident that you can pick up some words here and there.Master the language

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