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Mayhem in Single Valley Review

A peaceful morning turned chaotic that forces you to travel across a single valley stumbling upon a mysterious plot hidden in the town seemingly involves endangering every single soul in the valley and it’s up to you to correct the course in battles without a fight, puzzles without a hint, in a world coated in pixel arts and 8-bit music.Story as the Context for All the MechanicsMayhem in Single Valley is exactly what the title suggests - in a single valley a chaotic incident happens that causes mayhem in which you are somehow involved and it is up to you to


Hare In The Hat Review

Few words about the gameReally great Point and Click game, full of puzzles and brain-teasers with pleasant soundtrack in the background. Your goal as a player is to solve a bunch of puzzles placed around the room to free a hare that is being kept by a magician. Personally I didn't play any puzzle game in a looong time, and it brought back so many memories from childhood that I just want to play more puzzles, riddles and adventure games like this one :DAdvantagesSounds and music is good and on pointPuzzles are fun to solve, and they're not too hard, what


Plight of the Zombie Review

Few words about the gamePlight of the Zombie - the only game where you control zombies, and you actually get sad when they die. And they die a lot, as you need to sacrifice some of them to pass levels. Afterlife is brutal... But thanks to them, you can have at least few hours of fun playing it. Your goal is to collect as many "braainz" as you can in each level to be able to pass to another section of the game, full of new rules and puzzles. If this is not enough for you, worry not! Collecting brains gives