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Halver Review

Halver is a minimalist physics-based puzzle game about a rectangle on the most important quest of them all – to reach the level exit. Designed to require the use of your brain cells as much as it needs perfect timing for the jumps and block-pushing, it does so without bells and whistles to offer a simple yet appealing blueprint visual style with a charm of its own. Recommended for fans of puzzle games, Halver more than delivers on what the crowd is asking for, which is simplicity at the service of fun and mind stimulus.Block PartyThe levels in Halver are created


Meet Your Oshi Review

Meet Your Oshi wears its inspiration proudly on its sleeve. It’s an unabashed Five Nights at Freddy’s clone, or homage, how you choose to call it, aimed at the exact niche that turned that franchise into a colossal success. The shallow gameplay holds no secrets to most fans of this very specific genre, giving space for the Vtuber automatons to shine in their furry and metallic hybrid design, but there’s not much meat on these joints for players who want something more exciting than a random jumpscare.Five Nights at Oshi’sJust as it happens with the game series sensation turned movie, Meet


Spacekraft Review

Spacekraft! ReviewDeveloped and Published - Game Dev GarageGather crystals, repair/run crafting facilities, upgrade your spaceship, build machines, explore the open world, and find your way back to Mother Earth.Spacekraft takes you on kind of an open-world adventure puzzle quest, all in a cute little rocket!Complete the planets, and press on forward as you attempt to find your way back home. To Mother Earth.GameplayThere is a pretty nifty tutorial that will teach you the basics of flying around, using the ropes and magnets, as well as how to purchase Gas and health from the shop.Not only that, it will also teach you how to


Super Retro BoxBot Review

Super Retro BoxBot ReviewDeveloper - Joseph Holliday, Publisher - Doc Holliday Games LLC1990s-style puzzle gameplay inspired by the DOS classics Block-man and Loader Larry. Super Retro BoxBot is sure to entertain and challenge you through its hand-crafted levels! You can also create your very own challenges with the included level editor! Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test!Super Retro BoxBots is a charming, 2D side-scrolling puzzle adventure, where you are the main robot hunting for keys to escape each level.Featuring a whopping 66 intricate levels, mixing 50 main levels and 16 collectable bonus levels, you can be sure that your brain will feel challenged.The


Soul Tolerance: Prologue Review

Soul Tolerance ReviewDeveloper and Publisher - Chaosmonger Studio(Note: This is the Prologue version)In a world where artificial intelligence is all that remains, be a robo-detective, and investigate a mind-bending case.Explore a futuristic Japan brought to life in detailed voxel art, and uncover philosophical lore through tons of characters. Become AI and dive into the mystery of consciousness.The developer behind "Three Minutes to Eight" and based in Estonia, they bring you their latest game "Soul Tolerance"Humans have long been extinct, for around 150 years! But that does not repel the fact that AI is any better in this world either.War, oppression, and worker rights are

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