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Snake's News - Post-Gamescom Extravaganza

Well, time to write something worthwhile after a long long long time without anything.WITCHER 3: GOTY EDITION TRAILERAll DLCs, a new patch, and Vivaldi's new look - all that in upcoming GOTY edition for one of the best RPG's of the last year. And all of that coming tomorrow.STEEP: HOW TO ROCK THE MOUNTAINUbisoft's remix of SSX shows everything you need to know about it. And boy, I can't wait. I can already hear my favourite snow madness tracks.DEAD OR ALIVE XTREME 3 VR: I WANT THAT SHITThis is an instructing video shown by Koei Tecmo to warn you of dangers


Snake's News - New Hardware, Old Faces

Welcome back to second episode of Snake's News, where I am still politically correct and unsure how long I'm going to stay due to my upcoming pieces.Okay, enough with the jokes, let's get to business.SPANISH AMAZON LEAKED PS4 VR PRICEWhile the screenshot isn't too high quality and the page itself is now blank (except the name), the brief moment it was up for gave us more than enough info to see how expensive the PS4 VR will cost. Apparently, it's going to be priced at €400. A bit pricey, but I guess some people will fall for the VR trend going

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