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Playtown Review

Playgrounds can be so much fun, but Playtown isn’t for the faint of heart. A horror game set within an abandoned dinosaur-themed place, lovable Barney is nowhere to be found in this adventure, but there’s an evil twin of sorts roaming about. Stepping into the shoes of a caring father, you decide to return to this place in search of your daughter’s necklace, the one that she got from her deceased mother. The atmosphere is promising, but a notorious lack of direction and scares coupled with some very doubtful design decisions make this extremely short journey forgettable, and not as fun


Bendy and the Dark Revival Review

Games featuring weird characters seemingly created for the umpteenth redundant creepypasta don’t have any right to be as good as Bendy and the Dark Revival proves to be. The follow-up to the unexpected hit Bendy and the Ink Machine, which gained traction online thanks to the countless streamers who have pushed other names such as Slenderman and Amnesia to fame, Bendy truly deserves the recognition.Despite bordering on copyright infringement with characters who resemble everything Disney and other animation studios, from Mickey Mouse to Goofy and even Betty Boop, this is nonetheless an incredibly detailed and clever creation, with lore aplenty and

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