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Buried Review

Buried ReviewDeveloper and Publisher - AuthoginYou wake up buried alive. You are running out of oxygen and you can't remember how you got here. There must be a way out, can you figure it out in time?Not to be confused with the Similar title "Buried Alive".Buried takes you through an immersive, puzzle-solving adventure, where you are literally buried inside a wooden coffin.According to the Developer, Buried was inspired to be a Halloween short, which does indeed live up to its name, the game can be completed, in around 10 to 15 minutes, if you have a good thinking cap.If you are not Claustrophobic


Labyrinthatory Review

Beyond the unfathomable name of Labyrinthatory lies a charming puzzle adventure with emphasis on everything that involves using your brain. The pixel art and retro warmth may not be the most accurate or eye-catching that you will ever see, but when it comes to what matters, the puzzles, this is a game that delivers in spades. Prepare yourself for some head-scratching and mental exercising, a delight for fans of the genre.Puzzles From Beyond the GraveThe adventure springs to life as your uncle, inventor Steven Wernicke, passed away. During the funeral, Roxanne – the player character – gets a strange invitation to


The Devil’s Face Review

The Devil’s Face is a new horror game drenched in religious symbology and hellish themes that may not be suited to everyone more sensitive to the subject. It’s a first-person stroll to redemption where illogical puzzles, ear-blasting jumpscares, and a cliched narrative collide in the excessively dark and repetitive environments, resulting in a journey with some interesting visual representations but that is over in one hour.Light in the DarknessYou play as Jonathan, the only survivor of a car crash that took your brother’s life. Crumbling under the weight of guilt, he decided to take his own life as well and is


Par for the Dungeon Review

Par for the Dungeon is a cartoony miniature golf puzzle game with a dungeon-delving theme. Developed by Sleeping Giant Games, it was released on PC through Steam on October 17, 2023, with a staggered release on mobile devices.In Par for the Dungeon, you play as an anthropomorphic golf ball with a beloved pet dog that has a penchant for getting dog-napped. In order to rescue your dog, you must propel yourself through nine three-hole courses to reach the end of the dungeon, where your dog awaits trapped in a cage. With four worlds available to play, the game has a total


Sweet Dreams Alex Review

Sweet Dreams Alex is going to give you plenty of nightmares in a figurative sense, as this is a puzzle game where you must fend off the bad dreams and put the titular girl to a great night’s sleep. It’s a relaxing puzzle game that is suited to the whole family, but don’t let the cute pixel art look deceive you – the challenges can be quite demanding, often requiring good observation skills and persistence to make that final step count. It’s charming, fun, with a cute pixel art style, albeit a little repetitive at times.Little NightmaresDeceptively simple and unabashedly sweet,

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