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Nobody Sleeps Tonight Review

Nobody Sleeps Tonight ReviewDeveloper and Publisher - RC WorksA co-op survival horror about finding your friend who disappears at night in a strange forest hiding a sinister secret.Play with up to 4 of your friends in a Phasmophobia/Lethal Company horror-based game.Play in randomly generated maps, that will always bring a new experience in your gameplay, nothing is the same, not even the items that you can find lying about.Search for your missing friend in either Single-player or Co-Op, while uncovering the deep dark secrets as you explore the vast networks of underground facilities around the map.Featuring 5 endings, will you make it


Exilium Demo Review

While glancing through some upcoming games on Steam, my eyes caught on the dark, occult comic-style artwork of Exilium and I had to give the demo a try. Planned for release by later this year, the game is described as an "atmospheric point & click project" in which you will "face demons and occult rituals." I love a good point & click adventure, so I started the game with enthusiasm.It soon became clear that the game wasn't quite what I was expecting from the description. It does use a point & click interface (along with some camera side-scrolling that you


Biolum Review

Biolum ReviewDevelopers - IKO, Reynard Films, Prefrontal CortexPublisher - AstreaBiolum is a 30min VR sci-fi narrative experience. Dive to uncharted depths of the ocean and discover a beautiful world of bioluminescent creatures. But all is not what it seems. What lies beneath the surface?Biolum is but a small adventure game, packed with narrative and graphics that you can only dream about.Taking place under the ocean floor, take your flashlight and explore a newfound cave, ripe full of mysterious creatures!But not everything is at it seems on the surface level, lies and deceit awaits you on the other end of the tunnel system.The graphics get even


The Descent Review

Not to be confused with the acclaimed horror movie released in 2005, The Descent is a trip down a mysterious mine riddled with death, disappearances, and other occurrences that the authorities can’t quite grasp. As an investigator, you go down the mine and try to reach the literal bottom of the mystery in this walking horror sim, a decent attempt at the genre but one that has the quirky habit of throwing scares at you to make sure that you didn’t fall asleep in the meantime. It’s extremely slow-paced, rigid in design, and gets tiresome before its short narrative is over.A


Playtown Review

Playgrounds can be so much fun, but Playtown isn’t for the faint of heart. A horror game set within an abandoned dinosaur-themed place, lovable Barney is nowhere to be found in this adventure, but there’s an evil twin of sorts roaming about. Stepping into the shoes of a caring father, you decide to return to this place in search of your daughter’s necklace, the one that she got from her deceased mother. The atmosphere is promising, but a notorious lack of direction and scares coupled with some very doubtful design decisions make this extremely short journey forgettable, and not as fun

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