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Snake's News - BIG Catch-up Thingy

Oh, don't look at this post like that. I am lazy and not motivated, that's all. But at least I have SOME sense of responsibility, so here we go.HARRY POTTER COMES BACK TO VIDEO GAMESBut it's only as a part of LEGO Dimensions, so no game dedicated solely to young wizard's adventures. So expect Skylanders-like distribution of things and partially-interesting things.BATMAN: RETURN TO ARKHAM COMPARISIONGame's coming out on October 21st, we're getting a comparision trailer now. Everything seems to look better...except Joker himself. THe hell happened, Rocksteady?DAWN OF WAR 3 GAMEPLAY!Are you ready to take care of all the heresy in


Snake's News - Failure Now

Aaaand another week, another piece of news. Here we go, gents. We'll begin with two big failures.MULTIPLAYER IN TELLTALE'S BATMAN IS A F*****G FAILUREWell, it turns out the "crowd play" feature won't be exactly what we wanted it to be. Remember the 2000 players judging your every move and voting for which option to take? Well, the number got cut by 1988. Only up to 12 players will be able to watch and judge you. Even better - they will be able to do it only locally. As if sitting in one room and talking about the choices was obsolete. Telltale,


Snake's News - A Quantum of Disappointment

It's 30 degrees Celsius outside, everything is melting except my laptop, since I made cooling adjustments to it. The birds aren't singing, 'cause they are burning in that heat. I'm chugging down an energy drink, hoping not to fall asleep after writing this. Anyway, news aren't going to write themselves.NINTENDO N(VIDIA TEGRA) XOh boy, can't say I'm not disappointed. Because I damn am. Finally some more details about NX leaked...and I wish it was a joke, really.The console itself will be a handheld with detachable controllers at its sides, with an option to be mounted in a dock attached to your


Snake's News - Butts, Comics, and Walkers

It's Monday and oh god I hate my life, everything hurts...even the life itself. Yep, it's Monday.COMIC-CON TRAILERS!A shitload of them. No need for description - just watch.Well, that's it for trailers. Also, the editor I'm using for writing news in here started lagging bad. Let's keep the rest of news short.FRACTURED BUT WHOLE - BEHIND THE SCENESIn this video Matt and Trey tell us a bit about alternative title that didn't make it and how the game evolved since The Stick of Truth.MARVEL: ULTIMATE ALLIANCE GETS REMASTEREDBoth games are getting remastered, to be precise. They'll come out tomorrow have improved


Snake's News - Japaneese Witchers, bats, and other shenaningans

So today...uhh...something something news.SECOND NIOH BETA INBOUNDBetween 23rd of August and 6th of September second beta of NiOh - the game about the guy looking like japaneese "Discount Geralt" - will be available for public to play. After the Dark Souls slash Ninja Gaiden experience we had in the first one - I expect it only to get better and better. The second demo will have a new level and a dojo for newbies to train their moves and weapons in. Also, some information about the plot - it will be inspired by the biography of William Adams - a sailor

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