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Snake's News - A Quantum of Disappointment
It's 30 degrees Celsius outside, everything is melting except my laptop, since I made cooling adjustments to it. The birds aren't singing, 'cause they are burning in that heat. I'm chugging down an energy drink, hoping not to fall asleep after writing this. Anyway, news aren't going to write themselves.

Oh boy, can't say I'm not disappointed. Because I damn am. Finally some more details about NX leaked...and I wish it was a joke, really.

The console itself will be a handheld with detachable controllers at its sides, with an option to be mounted in a dock attached to your TV or monitor, turning it into a stationary console. What about the hardware? Nintendo gave up on AMD and decided to side with Nvidia for this one, giving the console a (not shown yet) Tegra X2.

Rumour - the dev versions of NX have Tegra X onboard, which is two times faster than PS3/X360. That'd let the console play 1080p games with ease. Another rumour is that the same dev versions have active cooling onboard. You know, the loud kind. That's...less fun.

"Oh almighty Snake, what about games?"

Originally, Nintendo wanted to distribute those only in digital form, but that's past. Those will be also available on 32GB cartridges (which, knowing Nintendo and developers and history of those, will be expanded later to 64GB and further).

Rumour - it won't be backwards compatible. Simple as that.

Launch? March 2017, that's the only thing Nintendo stated officially.


Don't worry, it won't trurly happen for at least 5 next years. But how are they doing it? That's what Tim Sweeney from Epic Games explained. I'll give you a short paraphrase of what he said.

Basically, Windows has two programming interfaces, only one of which can be used by an app - Win32 and Universal Windows Platform. All Steam apps and games (and pretty much all online gaming and software platforms) use Win32. It's good because it makes up almost all of software market right now. But it also is bad because all kinds of malware use it too. IF Microsoft convinces everyone to use UWP, which is pretty much a sandbox that is separated from rest of the system, they'll dominate the market by forcing all UWP apps to use Windows Store and, what comes with it, break platforms like Steam, Origin and UPlay more and more until using them is a fucking pain in the ass and we switch to Windows Store. That's the classic Microsoft policy of EEE - Embrace, Extend and Extinguish. Read more about it on Wikipedia, really. It'll eventually happen to other apps like internet browsers too. Very recently Win 10 started warning users that Chrome and Firefox drain battery on laptops more than Edge. It's just the beginning of Microsoft's monopoly on software market. We should fight while we can.

Not the kind of multiplayer where you watch Selina Kyle's ass in cutscenes and Batman explores her batcave. It's going to be so-called "crowd play".

"Almighty Snake, the Lord of the News, give us an explanation!"

Basically, you start up the game and give a special link to your friends/enemies/share it with everyone on instagram because you're an attention-seeking who-EKHM, lady of easy virtue like myself. Then all that folk you shared the link with will vote on which decision you should make when one comes up.  And even let the game automatically make the decision based on votes (the hell is this, Twitch Plays Telltale?)

People will also be able to upvote or downvote your actions. Way to go.

That's it for today. Come back for more. Visit my blog too. Can't link it here because you know, admins. Love ya.
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