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Obenseuer Review

Obenseuer Review

Developer and PublisherLoiste Interactive

Obenseuer is an urban survival RPG game, where you become a property manager of a rundown unfinished tenement building, in an isolated quarantine district of Obenseuer. 

Maintain and upgrade your tenement for rent, uncover the secrets of this infamous district and grow your wealth with your craft.

Obenseuer, otherwise known as Open Sewer was created by the talented Finnish individuals over at Loiste Interactive.

Create your empire through various methods while constructing your tenant apartment, many homeless people need a place to sleep! The quarantined zones need your help.

While you fight off your addictions, are you the one for a difficult task like this?


There's a very small tutorial which gives you the basics of moving around and interacting with your map amongst other buttons for tasks. You are then thrown to fend for yourself.

Your first interaction with any life is through a TV monitor, where you are asked a series of questions which will affect your choices a bit later down the way, pick up a box by following the onscreen prompts and be on your way.

Welcome to Obenseuer, the place plagued by poisonous and addictive mushrooms.

The game is quite hard to navigate, it's not at all immediately obvious what you should be doing. The game also doesn't give you any objective markers, sure, you can find your tenement using the map, but finding individual characters is not as easy.

A lot of this game is a major grind if you focus purely on building, you must accumulate a massive fortune selling plants to the brother's farm on top of O-Market or finding and selling empty glass bottles to the vending machine in the O-Market.

Either way that you go, it will be tough. On top of money to purchase the upgrades, you must also supply the required resources by buying them or by finding/stealing them around the town or in houses.

While you are doing all of the above, the hardest challenge of all is trying to keep on top of your hunger, thirst, poop, tiredness and addictions that you selected in the beginning.

Addictions include - Mushrooms, Alcohol, Smoking, and Fungal diseases. There are probably more, but these were the most notable ones since they were the ones that I had.

You can fight these addictions but they can cause you to lose your health, and they can cause hallucinations amongst other things, which could bag you an achievement for overcoming your addictions.

As far as I could tell, there was no such thing as a progression system, most of the gameplay would probably be the player searching and scavenging for materials for the upgrades of the resident building.

Dying in the game is possible... Going hungry, thirsty, getting too close to mushrooms without picking them up, drowning... Yes, drowning, in the smallest bit of water you can imagine, and I drowned in it, thankfully, the game has auto-save.

Final Thoughts

It was a hard game to understand at first, and the grind for resources and money is a bit... Excessive in my opinion.

Graphics are sound and pleasing for a rural contamination zone. If you can handle how the NPCs look, then more power to you, they look as though they got crushed by a boulder, but that might be because they are diseased from the plague.

The sounds aren't all that bad either, I have no issues with the sounds.



I would rate this a 2

(5 being the absolute best)

It's this rating because there is no navigation to find specific people around the map that you need to find, and the massive excessive grind to get money and resources.

Sure, you have to rebuild an entire apartment building, but jeez.

I expected more from the studio that made INFRA, with its super-rich puzzle world.



If you want to know more information about the game or developers visit HERE!

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