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Snake's News - Back Up Again

After a week without computer, because you know, broken screen kinda limits my ability to write or do anything, we're back with news. But without a huge summary because I'm sure someone must've done that before. No? Well, I'm not doing that.GEARS OF WAR 4 TRAILEROf course, it has the cover of most butchered song in guitar shops ever, the song that has been forbidden in some of them...and of course it's Metallica with their "Nothing Else Matters". Well, a cover of it, as I said before. Still, this is the launch trailer, even though the game is coming out in


Snake's News - POKEMON GO(NE WILD)

Gamescom drought is in progress, but more news popping up means new post.DARK SOULS 3: ASHES OF ARIADNEL DLCThis mostly PvP-focused addition to the main game just got a trailer. It'll cost $10 for non-Season Pass owners. Get your Farron Greatswords and Uchigatanas ready, cause this thing is coming out on October 25th. Also, grind some souls to level up.POKEMON GO: SNORLAX APPEARS IN TAIPEI, PEOPLE GO NUTSAll in all, Pokemon GO is getting a better and better tool for natural selection. This isn't normal. Also, if you're reading it - TIME FOR STATISTICS!When the game was released, there were almost


Snake's News - Tickrate Trouble

Finally, a new week begins. And with new week - news. And before you say the preview picture sucks - you try to find the best graphical representation of what tickrate is. I dare you.OVERWATCH'S NETCODE BEATS CS:GO AND BATTLEFIELD 4First it was just rumours, later Blizzard confirmed it - the tickrate has been raised to 63Hz from 20. Thanks to that, according to the analysis done by Battle(non)sense on YouTube, the game runs better than the other two games mentioned in the title of this paragraph. That's a good thing for players with fast internet. But what about those with

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