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Tremor Games Shuts Down

Tremor Games, the popular offer based website for earning free video games has shut down. Below was their short and heartfelt announcement made on Wednesday 21st November 2018, shortly before they closed their doors for good:" will be shutting down on 25th November 2018. We have been compelled to do this due to some personal issues. We regret we won't be able to disclose more details about the reason for closure.The website will become inaccessible after 25th November. We cannot give the exact time but please finish off all activities on the website by 24th November. We are closing new registrations


OP Points System Explained

You may have noticed all our games in the Treasure Trove can be claimed for free with points.So how exactly do you earn points?  Well, in several ways;1. Earn Achievements You can earn achievements by interacting with the site, which currently includes; daily logins, entering/winning Giveaways, following us on social media, playing games in the Arcade, inviting friends, completing Quests, buying games in the Store and account anniversaries. More achievements are in the pipeline so watch this space!Read the full article on achievements here.2. Earn CashbackEvery purchase you make from the store will earn you loyalty points. Every $1 you spend in

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