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Solstice Chronicles: MIA Review

What is Solstice Chronicles: MIA? Do you like top down shooters? Do you like exploding monsters? Do you enjoy running out of ammo?The classes!The Story: The story of Solstice Chronicles: MIA is you a marine is defending a site and then suddenly a massive beast comes and swallows you and take you to its lair there you meet your new companion drone who frees you from the clutches of the monsters goo, after being saved you then look for your friend who can get you off the mars back home but you learn how the virus spread after your friend is


Devils Hunt Review

Developer: Layopi GamesPublisher:  1C EntertainmentWhat is Devils Hunt? Do you like hack/slash? do you like feeling powerful? Then you might like Devils Hunt.Just a dream!The Story: Devils Hunt story is about Desmond who is a big shot in his eyes, has everything he could ever want till he loses his big match and comes home finds his wife cheating on him or was she? After seeing this Desmond can’t take it and drives off the edge, after being saved by lucifer he offered a deal as he is the saviour and destroyer, so he makes a pact with Lucifer and does

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