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Sword of Legends Online Review

SOLO originally released in China in 2019, and just made its grand appearance in the west earlier this month. I was excited to jump in, and dove head first. It was a bumpy road with awkward translation, but overall it was beautiful and engaging—everything I want in an MMO.Reviewing a base MMO under regular circumstances is no small task. There is questing, levelling, dungeons, raids, pets, gearing, customization, UI’s and more to think of. That is all true with Swords of Legends Online, but this time we are starting from scratch, with no previous understanding of the game. It would take


Before We Leave Review

Coming in at a surprisingly small 1.3GB, there’s a whole solar system’s worth of city-building crammed within Before We Leave. This is a non-violent city builder, which means it has all pillars of a 4X game, except for the eXterminate mainstay. Balancing Monkey Games have made a game that’s both accessible for newcomers, but still offers enough depth for the hardcore. Before We Leave is as gorgeous as it is grand, and it only gets more enjoyable the more time you spend with it.Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Before We Leave sees how fifty peeps (hey, that’s what the game calls them) re-learn


Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries Review

I’ve never been a mech fanatic, so I had low expectations when I booted up MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries for the first time. Then again, I tend to take this approach when I review games. It almost always turns into a pleasant surprise. MechWarrior was no exception. Rather than ease myself into the world of mechs, I decided to drop right into the heat of battle through a preset scenario in the Instant Action game mode. Armed to the teeth with the highest tonnage mech in the game—which meant nothing to me at the time—I quickly realized that speed is not an advantage


Frozenheim Review

At its core, Frozenheim is a city builder. The game focuses heavily on resource management with real-time tactical combat sprinkled in between.Frozenheim will of course draw immediate comparisons to Valheim, but there are some core differences between the two viking games. Firstly, you’ll notice much higher fidelity when it comes to the graphics in Frozenheim. It looks visually appealing and has a high level of detail when it comes to graphics and animations.Next is the emphasis on expanding a settlement to a thriving city. Frozenheim leans more heavily on growing one location vs having many smaller villages in Valheim.What I find most


Dreamscaper Review

Life, especially as of late, seems like we’re just going through the motions. Several months into a global pandemic and the days feel like they’re beginning to blur together. Depression sits in, and I find myself eating, sleeping, and working over and over again on a loop. Because of this, the protagonist of Dreamscaper, Cassidy, deeply resonated with me. Cassidy battles with depression and a mysterious past that the player has to unravel as they play. During the day, you’ll cultivate new relationships and learn more about the people of Red Haven, and at night you’ll dive deep into your nightmares

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